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The vibrational frequency of gratitude is in harmony with success & abundance. When you feel truly grateful for what’s already in your life, you become a powerful beacon for everything that’s harmonious with the wavelength you are attuned to. Gratitude really is ‘abundance consciousness'. 


Gratitude helps you stop trying to control outcomes. It is the key that unlocks positive energy in your life, and opens you up to the source of all things. By being grateful in the present moment, the spiritual dimension of life will open up, so you have access to the power, wisdom and creativity of the universe.


Practice gratitude regularly and notice how quickly new things start to show up that you can be grateful for. Shift your energy to gratitude and become a magnet for financial prosperity, career & business opportunities and more positively-charged people in your life.


‘It is the alchemy that turns problems into blessings, and the unexpected into gifts.’ - Melody Beattie


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People who take responsibility for their own lives feel happier and more in control. No one can live your life for you; you are in charge and everything happening to you is a result of your choices. 


There is immense power in these choices, and your actions NOW can shape your future and determine the trajectory of the rest of your life!


A single choice or action that you take today can be the foundation of a sequence of millions of events and consequent choices that shape your future and impact your whole life! Final outcomes can be the result of a small initial difference in your approach to a specific situation. 


If you are feeling lost, stuck or blocked, or have an unresolved health, work, financial or relationship issue please contact Silver Birch Therapies to discuss your needs in complete confidence.


Choose to take back control of your life.

Life is Beautiful

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Life Is Beautiful.jpg

I love the sentiment behind the quote. Life’s true gift lies in your freedom to design it beautifully. Every day you have the opportunity to create meaning and purpose, and to live a life that you love. See the gift and beauty in every situation, appreciate everything and immerse yourself in every experience. Life is beautiful.

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