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Rebecca Matthews


Bristol, BS48 


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Synergy Healing Treatments

What My Clients Say

I pride myself on my ability to deliver positive results, and many of my clients have noticed significant positive life shifts and noticeable benefits from the treatments. Please take a look at some client testimonials.


“I have had several treatments and have felt the benefits from the very first one. I have experienced improvements in my emotional and physical health, my resilience and sense of balance and wellbeing. I am less unsettled by life's ups and downs and better able to bounce back from setbacks. I have finally been able to move on from a job that I had stayed in far too long and that was dragging me down. I have a renewed zest for life and energy levels I haven't had for years. I’m finding it easier to relax - it feels like the treatment has released a lot of areas of muscle tension I've had for as long as I can remember and has spring cleaned my brain so my thinking feels clearer! I only met Rebecca face to face for one of the treatments, all the rest have been Remote sessions. I would have been sceptical about distance treatment if I hadn't experienced it for myself. I have felt the same sense of realignment and renewal following the distance treatments as I did face to face. Rebecca is a gifted therapist and I consider myself very fortunate to be one of her clients. I am very excited about my future and to see what will happen next!"

SR, Devon

"I was going through the most traumatic time of my life and had reached the lowest of the low. I was trapped in a loveless controlling relationship with an alcoholic violent partner who often beat me up and even threatened my life. I'd lost my confidence and was cut off from my family and social group, my health was deteriorating and I felt helpless. Immediately after the Remote Synergy Healing Treatment, I found the inner strength to leave him. I suddenly had a reality check so I reported him to the police and he was arrested and charged. During the court case, I remained calm and felt stronger than I could ever imagine. I was not angry - just relieved to have focus at last, to finally see things clearly and to be free. He was sent on a rehabilitation programme, so I actually believe that we both benefited from the outcome. The inner strength and self worth I received was instantanious and helped me see through the cloudy disillusioned ideas I had about the relationship."

CH, Dorset

“I felt different immediately. I feel more confident, have higher self belief and am better able to see the possibilities. I feel more positive about changing things, and have a greater awareness of the repeating patterns and the have been noticing lots of syncronicities.”

KO, Bristol

“I'd had agonising toothache for 2 weeks and painkillers weren't helping to relieve the pain...after the treatment the pain went from a level 9 to a 0 and hasn't returned. It's amazing - I was over 100 miles away and the treatment still worked!”

DB, Shropshire

“When I came for a treatment I was in a dark place having just split up from my partner after a long destructive cycle. It's a miracle, my life has completely changed for the better. The toxic patterns I had have completely stopped and I seem to have bounced back really quickly.”

KJ, Somerset

"I have found it difficult to maintain my energy levels and confidence for much of my life and experience recurrent episodes of depression. Since having treatments I feel lighter - as if a burden has been lifted. I am calmer, more optimistic and energised. The results have amazed an inspired me. I have a renewed zest for life and energy levels I haven't had for years!"

SR, Torquay

"I have had several Synergy Healing Treatments and been feeling really great. I feel like I have more space and freedom which feels amazing. I have noticed a massive improvement in my life and am so appreciative! I have felt more courage and have been taking more action. I have been feeling better able to protect my energy, my boundaries are getting stronger and I'm finding it easier to speak up. The treatments have helped me to connect to my intuition more and have heightened my spirituality and I've been getting a lot of visual imagery. I have experienced many more synchronicities too."

TS, Bristol

“Rebecca is a kind hearted person with a generous spirit. She always conducts herself in a professional manner and admirably puts the needs of her clients above all else. I have had a few Synergy Healing treatments and am experiencing spiritual growth at an accelerated rate. It has been a magical process and continues to be truly enlightening. I feel an ever increasing more powerful, confident and more conscious person. I continue to marvel at Rebecca's talents.”

TC, Devon

“I have had several different treatments for both physical and emotional problems. They have all had a really positive affect on me and have helped me immensely. It's amazing! If you are considering a treatment, no matter what it is for, just give it a try. I would highly recommend it. Thank you Rebecca!”

NM, Gloucestershire

"I recently had a healing treatment to help with neck injury pain and tension. I found the treatment an amazing whole-body and mind experience. I felt extremely relaxed, at peace and the pain in my neck was significantly reduced. This was a very positive experience. Rebecca was very in tune with my needs, caring and supportive. I will definitely have treatments from her again."

PH, Penarth

"After the treatment I felt so free, so present, so light and much more awake to the world."

JP, Bristol

"After the treatment I received a cheque for #2000 - it was completely unexpected, a complete shock and now means that I can take my family on a holiday of a life-time! Amazing"

EW,  Wigan

"Rebecca is very professional, and is brilliant at what she does. Since going to see her I have been sleeping much better, feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and am much more positive. Will definitely be returning for more sessions."

NC, Wales

"I suffer from chronic pain, in my lower back. I feel tense and anxious most of the time. But after just one treatment with her the difference was remarkable!!! I don't know how, but it worked. She has a gift!!! The energy I felt was warm and positive, relaxing and calming. I felt great positive power and warmth flowing through me. I just love it. Thank you Rebecca you are incredible. It helps me so much with my physical pain and mental wellbeing."

NL, Cardiff

"I am much more energetic, positive, content and confident. My life feels so much more efficient now! I am so much more in tune with everything"

MB, Bristol

“I had a Healing treatment with Rebecca for an aching & painful collar bone that I broke a few years ago. I felt a huge sense of warmth and relaxation during the treatment. It felt like good energy was rushing into me. Since the treatment, I've felt great, with more energy & best of all, the constant ache I had has dramatically improved. I would definitely recommend Rebecca. She has a calm, warm nature and I felt safe and in excellent hands.”

KC, Backwell

"I had a remote treatment and since the session I am feeling more positive and have less anguish. The treatment really is helping! I don't understand how you do it, but it works. Thank You."

SG, Gloucestershire

“I have had 4 treatments so far from Rebecca and I am feeling much more relaxed. I have been suffering extreme pain in my leg for quite some time now and since seeing Rebecca the pain has completely gone. I can't believe it! It has also helped me to feel energised. I will be back for more sessions! ”

KP, Cardiff

“I struggle to combat both physical and mental tension on a daily basis. I have had 2 healing treatments from Rebecca which have helped me address these problems in ways I have never thought about before. The treatments themselves gave me a unique sense of relaxation and inner peace. Then after the treatments I was able to address my tension problems in a new way. Highly recommended.”

JC, North Somerset

"I feel so happy and free! My pain and anxiety have completely gone too."

TB, Bristol

"I was suffering with severe stress and anxiety, which was dominating my life. After the treatment I felt much calmer and more relaxed, back in control and was able to fully enjoy life again."

KG, Bristol

"I'm at University and had completely lost my confidence and had severe anxiety. I had a dissertation to complete but couldn't focus and felt totally overwhelmed. After the treatment I got my creativity and motivation back and finished it! "

JW, Bristol

"The treatment was a really great experience and I'm feeling much more positive now. I can't wait to come back for another session"

V, Bristol


"I don't know how you do it but I want to say Thank You. Somehow I've stopped thinking about my ex. I've been struggling with that for so long and have tried everything under the sun to move on. MASSIVE improvement!"

TA, Bristol


"I was seriously stressed about money, I was getting threatening letters from the bank and was worried I was going to lose my home. I was so anxious and was having regular panic attacks. After a Remote Treatment a relative suddenly offered to pay off my mortgage and I feel so much happier and better!"

BK, Shrewsbury


“ Before the treatment I found it difficult to make important or difficult decisions. The treatment found the root cause of the issue and cleared it and literally the next day I was able to go out and buy myself a new car - it felt great! I now feel more confident and decisive in all areas of my life.”

JH, London