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Synergy Healing Sessions

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High Energy Healing

Synergy Healing is a new holistic approach to healing that allows you to:

Balance Your Mind Body & Soul

Improve Your Mental, Physical & Emotional Wellness

Achieve Better Relationships, Health, Career, Finances & Family Life

Find Clarity on Your Life Purpose & Path

Sessions clear negativity and blocks from your mind, body and energy field that are preventing your from reaching your full potential. This can lead to:​​​

  • Better emotional & physical health

  • Improved relationships with others (family members, co-workers, friends, partners)

  • Being in better alignment with your life path and purpose

  • A better life balance

  • Finding a solution to unresolved issues

  • Feeling more emotionally balanced

  • Improved wellbeing

  • A renewed zest for life

  • More happiness

  • Increased self-esteem

  • More confidence

  • Heightened intuition and awareness

  • A more positive outlook

  • More resilience

  • Increased energy

  • More focus and motivation

  • Finding it easier to relax

  • Improved sleep

  • Clearer thinking

  • Less muscle tension

  • Much lower pain levels

  • Feelings of realignment and renewal

  • Feeling lighter, safer and happier

  • Life flowing more smoothly

  • Noticeable synchronicities in life

  • More time to enjoy life

  • Feeling less stressed

  • Feeling more connected

  • Having a spiritual awakening

  • Having more courage to try new things and step out your comfort zone

  • Taking more action, being more decisive

  • Freeing yourself of toxic relationships

  • Having stronger boundaries

  • Feeling more at peace

In addition to this, clients have also experienced rapid changes of circumstance after sessions:

  • Receiving unexpected large windfalls and sums of money

  • Finding a more rewarding job / new career / promotion / pay increase

  • Selling their house and finding a new home

  • Finding their ideal partner - moving in together / getting married!


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What is Synergy Healing?

Synergy Healing is a unique healing system which combines a diverse range of therapeutic techniques in a single session. For this reason, it can be far more beneficial than having other individual therapy treatments. It releases negative energy from the mind, body and energetic field and includes a transmission of high frequency energy.


Synergy Healing is incredibly effective at tackling an enormous range of issues that can be show up life, whether these are presenting as poor health, relationship or work issues, as a lack of money or a loss of direction and life purpose. 


Synergy Healing sessions create a lasting energetic shift in your life and can lead to incredible life transformations. They are particularly good at clearing stubborn blocks. When a person has tried numerous approaches to solve an issue but nothing seems to be working, Synergy Healing can help support significant shifts.

How Does it Work?

A Synergy Healing session works on your mind/body/soul connection and aims to balance these elements of your life. Energy or Life Force is the foundation of being well and is a natural part of your makeup. When energy flow becomes compromised or blocked, this has a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.


All experiences that have ever happened to you are stored in your mind, body and energy field. Everything that has ever been seen, felt and experienced is housed in your subconscious mind. Energy can also become trapped in the body in the cellular memory, and it can be passed down through ancestral lines via DNA.


When traumatic events happen, the energy at this time may not be processed properly and this can lead to issues that start to arise in a your daily life, and can impact your health, wellbeing, career, love life and family life if this energy is not cleared.


Synergy Healing sessions address physical, emotional and psychological issues that are preventing you from reaching your true potential. They remove blocks and negative energy from your body and energy field that may be stopping you from moving forward in your life and can be contributing to these health and life issues.

Synergy Healing is highly effective at lifting, shifting, transforming and healing any kind of trauma from the body's cellular memory. These can be in the form of stress and physical ailments or injuries from the body. Sessions can help you release energy from negative experiences and dissolve unwanted patterns held energetically in the body. Sessions also address past emotions that have been ignored or suppressed, limiting beliefs, negative repeating patterns or cycles of behaviour and unhelpful conditioning that are stored in your body or energy field. 


Deeply held beliefs which you subconsciously picked up as a child (such as such not feeling good enough) or genetic or family traits passed down through ways of thinking and conditioning can cause restrictions in energy flow. Each restriction impacts the body in a unique way and manifests that weakness in a particular organ or susceptibility to a particular illness. 


Emotional baggage or emotions that become trapped and stored in the body can prevent you from experiencing a life full of love, happiness and success. Releasing trapped emotions can also help improve money and relationship issues and can reduce pain and improve your health and wellbeing. Healing the root cause of these issues can often eradicate or transform the issue. Synergy Healing also addresses ancestral issues by shifting negative patterns that have been prevalent in your family, perhaps for generations. 


During a Synergy Healing session, powerful high frequency healing energy is channelled into the body and directed towards constrictions and blocks, which subsequently displaces these lower frequency, denser energies. Lower vibration energies such as anger, hate, depression and fear that are stored in your body may be draining your life force, so releasing these can leave you feeling invigorated, confident and empowered to ignite your passion and be your true self. Sessions can also help to restore the natural balance of your system, and promote physical, mental and emotional health. The high frequency energy can flush out any emotional issues and energetic debris that has collected in the cells of your body and energy system as a result of trauma, leaving you free to heal. 


Synergy Healing tackles multiple issues during a session, and addresses the root cause of your issues, without you having to re-live or investigate the original trauma. This is particularly helpful if you have suffered with serious or traumatic events, and are wanting to move forward in a productive way. 



Synergy Healing is effective for helping to clear, relieve and heal:

  • Physical issues such as back pain, weight issues, insomnia, chronic fatigue, trauma, chronic pain

  • Emotional issues such as abuse, anger, anxiety, bullying, fears, grief, heartbreak, loneliness, social anxiety, stress, unhappiness, worry, depression and insomnia. 

  • Mental issues such as eating disorders, addictions, lack of confidence, low self esteem, OCD, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD and self harm

  • Limiting beliefs that may leave you feeling anxious, awkward or judged, or with low self-esteem and not feeling good enough.

  • Inherited family/ancestral or society beliefs and conditioning (perhaps around relationships, money, health, beauty, abundance)

  • Inherited family illnesses or behaviours

  • Repeating Patterns of cycles of behaviour, people or circumstances (e.g. attracting abusive partners, arguments or traits within families, friends that let you down, dead-end jobs, unable to improve your money situation, trapped in a cycle of poverty)

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Chronic illness or physical injuries

  • Stress

Synergy Healing can raise your levels of consciousness and awareness and to put you back into alignment with your life purpose and path. Sessions often highlight issues in your life that need resolving or repeating patterns of behaviour that keep showing up in your life. Once these issues are brought into your conscious awareness, you can identify and reflect on them, then see if you can change your reaction to them so that you have an opportunity to resolve them and break the cycle. 

Synergy Healing can also help improve the flow in your life, so that things feel easier, and meaningful coincidences known as synchronicities start to happen! After a Synergy Healing session you can often attract the right people, circumstances and resources into your life, and positive shifts take place. You may also notice transformations in your home life, at work or beneficial changes in your financial situation.

Synergy Healing along with inspired action on your part can lead to powerful and positive life transformations.

All sessions are remote, online or via phone.

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