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The Power of Self-Belief

Self-Belief is a powerful and creative force. When you believe in yourself and your power to build a life of your dreams, you can become unstoppable.

The magic of The Universe lies within you. As you connect to this Higher Intelligence, you can learn to trust that The Universe is conspiring to support you.

As you focus on and work towards your desires - whilst cultivating an atmosphere of possibility, The Universe sets things in motion behind the scenes. It can provide assistance in unexpected ways to offer support, even when you can’t clearly see the road ahead.

As you allow your relationship with The Universe to grow and expand, you can start manifesting synchronicities. You have awareness that everything that is showing up in your life is not always an accident or coincidence.

The universe can send you signals, or communicate through dreams, unexpected conversations, repetitive numbers, words, songs, meditation, through other people and via objects.

You may notice that exactly the right people or perfect opportunities suddenly and unexpectedly show up in your life. You may get inspired ideas or feel more open to possibilities that previously you might never have imagined.

As things start to work out your for benefit, your whole life can become an affirmation of this beautiful belief that you are supported by The Universe.

You can overcome your fears, internal conflicts, self-doubt and pain and build self-esteem, self-confidence and belief in yourself, your capabilities and the possibilities available to you.

Why you may not feel supported

Sometimes, sustaining this belief may feel like a challenge, especially during times when you it seems like nothing is working for you.

You may have: - Been conditioned throughout your life to doubt yourself - Experienced hurtful or traumatic life events - Unresolved pain, thoughts, feelings or emotions - Encountered setbacks, failure or fear - Low self esteem or lack of confidence and self-worth - Felt disconnected - Strong feelings of separation and beliefs that The Universe is outside of you

Open yourself up to the possibility that setbacks can often open you up to breakthroughs, and what can initially feel like a failure can often turn out to be an opportunity.

Simple Steps to improve your self-belief 🔸Believe your dream is possible and achievable 🔸Visualise your desires. Think about exactly what your life would feel like if you had already achieved your goal 🔸Act in a way that is consistent with your desires and what you want to achieve

🔸Clear, transform and heal the blocks that are preventing you from living your most fulfilling life 🔸Move away from fear and take aligned action. Use your power to consciously, intentionally and purposefully move towards your goals and allow miracles to unfold

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