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The Power of Remote Healing

What is Remote Healing?

Remote healing is also known as distant healing. During this process, energy is sent across time and space and then received by the recipient to offer a healing effect. There is no need to be physically present with the therapist and this method is equally as effective as receiving a treatment in person.

How can this even be possible?

Invisible processes that connect people over long distances occur in every day life, such as phone conversations and broadcast TV or radio programmes. Although these concepts would have initially seemed implausible, we now all take them for granted!

Quantum physics helps us understand the mechanics of instantaneous connectedness. We are all made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies and having different manifestations of life. Tesla quoted ‘If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration’.

Healers intuitively work to transfer and balance energy. Rather than working on the physical form, they work with pure energy and can therefore operate outside of the normal limitations of time and space. This allows them to send healing or an energy pattern to a person that is physically distant.

Scientific Theories that impact Remote Healing

There is significant proof of the effectiveness of remote healing. Benor, a pioneer in this research field has published 61 studies all of which have demonstrated measurable results - including randomised trials on humans, animals, plants, yeasts, cells and DNA. He concluded that distance (even 1000s of miles) does not limit the effects of healing.

Recent discoveries in quantum physics have also provided the scientific underpinning for many of the holistic healing phenomena that have happened for centuries.

Quantum Theory

The basic underlying principle of Quantum Theory is that everything is connected - there is an essential interconnectedness and interrelationship between all things. Consciousness, time and space, every human, animal, plant and planet and even every drop of water are all part of a dynamic universal web of interrelatedness.

Renowned physicist, Einstein observed that one quantum particle can affect another simultaneously, even when they are separated by great distances in space. He famously said "Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live." Quantum Physics therefore helps to explain the cosmic connection scientifically.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, award-winning American Astrophysicist, Author and Science Communicator.

The Illusion of Time and Space

We have all been brought up to believe that both time and space are real and fixed in our physical reality. In this paradigm things are separated by distance and time only moves in a forward direction. These perceptions help to keep us firmly rooted in the physical world and enable us to get on with daily life.

However, many healers believe that time is an actually an illusion, and modern science is now just beginning to understand and explain how this is possible.

It has also been revealed by the Quantum Theory that time is not fixed, nor linear and only flowing in one direction. Instead, it is thought that time is fluid and flows both forwards and backwards simultaneously. This concept means that your future can affect you as much as your past, and your past can be altered as much as your future. From this perspective everything is happening at once, there is no past and no future, only the present moment.

Quantum Entanglement

Science has also shown that the space or distance between objects may not be as separate as they may seem - this is merely a perception.

The theory of Quantum Entanglement was proven during a scientific study in 1997 at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Using photons of light (the substance of the Universe), it was revealed that two identical photons created by dividing a single photon, still behaved as though they were one - as though they had never been separated. By definition, if the Universe is born of the same matter, then it too cannot be separated and this demonstrates that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole!

Quantum Entanglement in Distant Healing

How does Entanglement work with Healing?

Quantum Entanglement also affects people's energy - they have a powerful affect on one another. When one energy source entangles with another, it changes it either in a positive, harmonious way or in a negative way. You may feel happy and loving around some people, yet drained by others and this is due to entanglement.

The physicist Goswami demonstrated that when two people become entangled, one person conforms to the energy of the other person. In his study, two people meditated together and were then separated into two isolated chambers. When one person had a light flashed in their eye, a certain frequency was fired in their brain. Amazingly, at the same moment, the other person’s brain also fired the same response, even though they were never exposed to the light. This proves that people's energies do affect one another, and demonstrates why Remote Healing is possible. During a session, the therapist’s cells vibrate at a higher level, and when the client’s cells become entangled and entrained and their energy is lifted, enabling healing to happen.

Remote Healing by Thoughts

Many experiments have discovered that it is actually possible to influence matter only with our thoughts and also to transfer thoughts to another person via distance (see Dr Emoto’s article on Human Consciousness and Water). Energy can be transferred over a distance because thoughts can travel and consciousness doesn’t have the limitations of space and time. Constructive use of energy raises the level of consciousness of a person, and in turn raises their vibration rate or frequency.

Adjusting Brainwaves for Healing

Brainwaves are associated with the various mental states. They change a person's vibration, and influence the function of the brain. Theta is the state between the conscious and subconscious world, and in this state of consciousness a therapist can access and influence parts of their clients that are not normally accessible to their conscious mind.

Theta brainwaves are the doorway that allow access to the subconscious, which stores information on a person's innermost fears, desires and beliefs that are unconsciously ruling their life. It governs their behaviour, habits, the people they surround themselves with and every micro-choice they make in life!

Distant Healing

When a therapist alters brainwaves to the theta state during a treatment, they are able to understand, perceive and experience a sense of the unity of all things. They sense that there is no distance between things and no separation. This state of altered perception allows them to instantly access information about their client, because from this vantage point everything, past future and present is happening at once. All reference points of information are readily available, and the therapist can tune into theses to gain knowledge, to send healing to events, and to clear any blocks. They can also immediately transmit healing energy to the client.

Tuning into the Energetic Body

During a treatment it is possible to work with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual by also accessing their energetic body - and this can be done from anywhere, at any time and for anyone on the planet! It does not require the client to be physically present, and they are able to carry on their day as normal whilst the treatment is underway. It is possible for the practitioner to tune into their energy field and get extremely accurate readings with just as positive results as when that client comes for a one to one treatment. Healing happens when the person is ready to accept it - this lifts all limitations and has extremely powerful benefits for the recipient.

Remote Healing at Silver Birch Therapies

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