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Boost Health & Wellbeing with an Energetic Detox

If you’re feeling confused, chaotic, cluttered and lethargic or are suffering from headaches, an overactive mind, sleepless nights, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression or anxiety this could be a sign that you’re in desperate need of an Energetic Detox.

What is an Energetic Detox? In the same way it’s important to cultivate healthy self-care habits, such as taking a daily shower and brushing your teeth - it’s also beneficial to practice good energy hygiene. This ensures vital life force energy is able to flow effectively around your system and helps you support and maintain better health and wellness.

What is your Energetic System? Your energetic system is a complex interconnected field of energy in and around your physical body that is constantly transmitting and receiving signals and messages. Every experience from your entire lifetime, and even that of your ancestors is recorded and imprinted in your energetic system, and these act like a magnet to draw circumstances with the same frequency into your life.

How can your Energetic System be impacted? Your field can harbour the energies of unwanted thought forms, negative self-talk and unprocessed or unresolved emotions. Your space is especially vulnerable to negative energy if you have been unwell, been involved in an argument or accident, if you have recently experienced an emotional loss, a challenging situation or a highly stressful event such as a divorce, redundancy or loss of loved one.

When you interact with other people you can unwittingly absorb their thoughts, feelings and emotions like a sponge.

Your system is also constantly bombarded with energetic signals from every direction. Electronic stimulation, social media and news broadcasts are absorbed into your system and can leave an energetic footprint that can take a toll on your health.

Cumulatively all these factors can cause discomfort - and affect your mood, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, habits, energy levels, your decision making abilities and even your perception of life.

Accumulation of energetic debris and stuck, negative energy can block your natural flow of energy, cause stagnation and lead to illness and disease if it isn’t regularly cleared and balanced. Compare it to plaque on your teeth or a house that hasn’t been dusted in years!

What can you do to improve your Energy? There are lots of simple techniques to clear your energy, such as walking in nature, burning incense such as frankincense essential oil, enjoying regular epsom salt baths and using crystals.

Energetic Detox If you are looking for a fast effective way to supercharge your system and raise your vibration then book an Energetic Detox. It’s the energetic equivalent to a computer defrag or an upgrade of your hardware!

Sessions cleanse your energy system, transform imbalances, clear interferences, transmute and release energy blockages, strengthen energetic boundaries and can leave you feeling rejuvenated, revived and renewed.

An Energetic Detox can help to improve mental clarity and creativity, enable you to create a healthier and happier life, build more harmonious relationships and experience better alignment.

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