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Are Repeating Patterns Sabotaging Your Life?

People are prone to repeating negative patterns, and often recycle the same destructive life experiences over and over again. They can show up in many forms and can be very damaging.

Typical Repeating Patterns

Are any of these harmful themes or vicious cycles showing up in your life?

  • Crippling fear (of change, abandonment, failure, illness).

  • Constant negative issues concerning friends, colleagues or family members.

  • Attracting the same type of destructive people into your life.

  • Choosing partners who have the same negative qualities (unavailable, abusive, unsuitable).

  • An inability to get your finances in order, keep losing money, get in debt, can't get a pay rise.

  • Addictions, recoveries or relapses.

  • Procrastination, disorganisation, inability to complete projects.

  • Destructive or attention seeking behaviour.

  • Constant dramas in your life.

  • Regularly sabotaging jobs, friendships, relationships.

  • Emotional eating, gaining weight, dieting, then putting it back on again.

  • Any unwanted situation that constantly repeats itself.

Why does this happen?

A strong reason why you attract these repeating patterns is down to your subconscious patterning. This creates an energetic prison that can keep you stuck.

During childhood, whilst your brain is still in it's developmental stage, you make judgements about yourself and the world around you. At this informative age, opinions, beliefs and expectations are formed about the world and how you fit into it.

But rather than being fact, it's your interpretation of an event that creates those beliefs and your inner voice can become your worst critic. The beliefs made, although they may be completely false, then lay the foundation for how you experience life. Your subconscious mind then constantly finds ways to validate what it believes and searches out evidence to back up and reinforce those beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs

There are millions of beliefs that may be running in the background without your knowledge that are silently shaping your life. You may believe that you're not good enough, the world is not safe, you can’t trust people, you're not lovable, that something’s wrong with you or people don’t care about you.

Once these limiting beliefs are ingrained into your psyche, you tend to ignore examples that prove the opposite and just focus on what your beliefs say is true. What you focus on expands, so wherever you go, you keep seeing that the reality is what you believe. You experience the same things again and again and react to them in the same old way because it’s how you are now programmed.

You then start playing out the same patterns over and over just changing the people and backdrop. Your subconscious is directing your behaviour and you react the same way, and repeat thoughts to reinforce the whole process.

Old habits and patterns are difficult to break because they are so deeply rooted in the psyche, and often stem for childhood. If you have memories of severe neglect, pain, abandonment or a lack of love, your subconscious can get stuck trying to recreate the original circumstances of those hurts, hoping that this time around things will turn out differently.

This means that you might choose to stay in a relationship with a person who recreates exactly the situation that you should be avoiding! You’re subconsciously drawn to these people; then find yourself wondering why you always end up with abusive bosses, self-centred friends, or withdrawn and unsupportive partners. Patterns have a magnetic pull that can make it easy to ignore or overlook a healthier alternative.

Learning Lessons

Another school of thought is that these repeating patterns are here to help you to learn lessons and that part of your life purpose is to evolve, learn and grow. If you imagine Earth is a classroom for the soul, then the Universe highlights issues in your life that match the parts of you that need healing.

Everyone has their own personal stories of fear, doubt and uncertainty that have been carried from the past. These continue to show up throughout life, disguised in many ways, until you make a conscious decision to address them. If the problem is ignored, situations and people that compound the issue will be drawn to you in more dramatic ways, and your challenges can start to escalate!

Negative repeating patterns don’t feel good and often surface because of some unrest inside yourself. You may end up attracting toxic relationships, and keep replaying the same negative story - yet the only thing that changes each time is the person involved! Even though you may put it down to a run of bad luck - the Universe is actually trying to show you that there is a part of you that feels inadequate or unworthy of love - because you haven’t learned to fully love yourself yet.

It keeps presenting you with people and situations that trigger the wound, as an opportunity for you to identity and then heal it.

What can you do to stop this happening?

First you need to recognise your patterns and the toxic cycles that you are being drawn into. By doing this you give yourself permission to start the healing process. Pay attention to what situations or people are showing up in your life and making you feel uncomfortable. Notice the way you react to these, listen to the words you say to yourself and others, the way it makes you feel and pay attention to the actions you take. If you are not feeling good about something, look if there are any repeating patterns.

Seek Help

At Silver Birch Therapies, treatments can do the deep work needed to clear, heal and transform your issues. Cycles can be broken and the feelings of pain and discomfort underneath can be healed. Treatments also heighten your awareness and allow you to receive your inner guidance, so that you can stop slipping back into old grooves that don’t support you.

You have the capacity to heal these wounds so that they no longer keep showing up for you, and so you can start living a life with more grace, ease and freedom. You can break free from the chains that have been holding you back and fulfil your life purpose.

Although life will continue to send you individual lessons, when you become open to recognising the patterns, you can consciously choose to do something different. Changes inside of you will then reflect changes outside of you.

Book a session now to help identify and break your repeating patterns!

Benefits of Treatments

After a treatment Clients are often more able to:

  • Identify the repeating patterns that keep showing up in their life.

  • Have a heightened awareness, wisdom and knowing.

  • Make decisions that are heart-driven.

  • Learn to respond differently to situations that arise.

  • Be less emotionally reactive, so they lose their attachment to past memories and future desires. These no longer have such a negative impact as they become more consciously responsive.

  • Experience deeper levels of awareness so they start to identify challenging situations as an opportunity for growth.

  • Lose their victim mentality and be more willing to take responsibility for their own life and the choices they make.

  • Choose to respond differently to personal life challenges.

  • Identify their emotions rather than hiding or running away from them.

  • Move towards their life purpose, and take more positive action that is in true alignment with this.

  • Improve their connection with the Universe.

  • Have a deeper connection with the core of their being.

  • Have more self-love and an increased sense of worthiness.

  • Operate from a place of love, compassion, connection and Unity Consciousness.

  • Feel more empowered, calm, patient, kind and more accepting or others and of situations.

  • Have better health and wellbeing.

  • Notice dramatic positive shifts in their life.

  • Choose to leave a more positive energetic imprint in the world.

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