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Karma: A Powerful Force that is Impacting Your Life

What is Karma?

There are lots of misconceptions about Karma. Many people believe that it's a system of administering justice; a form of punishment or revenge for the bad things that have been done in this or previous lifetimes.

‘What goes around comes around!’

Karma is actually a Buddhist term from Sanskrit that means 'action'.

Physics has proven through the Universal Law of Cause and Effect that for every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Because every action is comprised of energy, the energy created by this action has to be returned at the same intensity with which it was generated. The Universe doesn’t judge these actions; it merely circulates the energy and the intention of the action, because the Universe, and everything in it, operates in a cyclical way.

How is Karma created?

Each time a person performs an action, it creates a memory, which in turn generates a desire, and these can in time form habits of behaviour and drive future choices.

Therefore Karma is created by a person's actions, reactions and interactions. Every choice that is made and the subsequent actions that are taken, are based on a person's past experiences and conditioning, their current level of awareness, and their desires.

A person's early conditioning and the memories that have been imprinted as a result also drive the way that they think, speak, behave and act. Karma is also constantly generated by the energy from a person's thoughts, words, attitudes, expectations and lifestyle.

Their thoughts and feelings shape the world within them, and their words and actions shape the world around them. Karma is created from the intended actions performed consciously and also from actions done unconsciously regardless of whether they were carried out as a result of ignorance.

“The choices you make are the actions you take and, therefore, the karma you create.”

In addition to this, it is believed that a person is subjected to the Karmic influences of their ancestors, family, religion, race and nationality, of the collective and also from their actions and behaviours in other lifetimes/incarnations.

How does Karma impact you?

Karma is a tremendous silent force that has power over every aspect of a person's life. In fact, everything that is witnessed in life is a result of the constant unfolding of Karma.

Situations and people are brought into a person's life, to highlight the Karma that they need to address and give them an opportunity to identify, resolve and heal their Karmic patterns and cycles. Karma acts as a mirror - allowing a person to learn, grow and heal, whilst improving their spiritual awareness and connection. It can be a signal to remind them to operate in full alignment with their true self.

However, often Karma can have a seriously damaging effect on a person's life. It can cloud their awareness and distort the flow of consciousness to them, thereby giving a distorted perception of life. Karmic imprints and distortions can colour a person's beliefs and shape their attitudes. They can determine a person's thoughts and feelings, which in turn affects their choices and decisions.

Karma is deep-rooted and creates twisted patterns in a person's energetic system.

The energetic circuits responsible for processing and channeling Life Force can become compromised and leave energetic karmic imprints and distortions in a person's system. This means that a particular karmic patterns, cycles and loops can keep repeating and a person continues to attract the same situations, people or events that match the corresponding karmic imprint!

Karmic imprints that relate to a person's physical health can show up in their life with symptoms of physical disease. If they experience situations where they are betrayed over and over again, they may well have a ‘betrayal’ karmic imprint. They may have an imprint of ‘scarcity’, and even if though they try to visualise an abundant life using their conscious mind, it will not manifest if this distortion is present at the karmic level. There may be in a history in your family of being constantly let down. This karmic pattern may be in your ancestral line, which in turn puts you in front of relationships that acts this out.

Many people become imprisoned by their Karma. They keep recreating the same karmic energy, and perform the same repeating cycles, which keep them completely stuck! Much of humanity is stuck in a karmic loop of lack of self-love and a deep sense of unworthiness, and this has a detrimental effect on their life.

Repeating patterns keep happening until the distortion is dissolved. Deleting karmic distortions can lead to dramatic, rapid and largescale transformations in a person's life, and can help them to live in alignment. It can therefore improve the quality of their life, health and vitality.

How can Sessions help?

Karma, like everything else is made up of energy and that energy has a specific frequency configuration. Negative imprints stored in the energetic body can pull reality out of your natural being into a karmic pattern or a family or historical pattern.

Sessions can transmute karmic imprints and release karmic conditioning on all levels of your awareness: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

By breaking these karmic cycles you can start to make conscious choices about the life you want to lead. Each session can help you to transcend past karma and improve your connection to the Universe.

By clearing your karmic conditioning, you will progressively raise your frequency and attract a higher frequency grid of people, places, times, things and events that support you. This in turn makes it easier and more natural for you to make choices that are in alignment with your true self.

After a sessions Clients are often more able to:

  • Identify the repeating patterns that keep showing up in their life.

  • Have a heightened awareness, wisdom and knowing.

  • Make decisions that are heart-driven.

  • Learn to respond differently to situations that arise.

  • Be less emotionally reactive, so they lose their attachment to past memories and future desires. These no longer have such a negative impact as they become more consciously responsive.

  • Improve the quality of their future actions.

  • Experience deeper levels of awareness so they start to identify challenging situations as an opportunity for growth.

  • Lose a victim mentality and be more willing to take responsibility for their own life and the choices they make.

  • Choose to respond differently to their life’s challenges

  • Identify their emotions rather than hiding or running away from them.

  • Move towards their life purpose. When they start to live in alignment, they are more likely to make positive actions to create positive karma, and live a life of unlimited freedom.

  • Improve their connection with the Universe.

  • Have a deeper connection with the core of their being.

  • Have more self-love and an increased sense of worthiness.

  • Operate from a place of love, compassion, connection and Unity Consciousness.

  • Feel more empowered, calm, patient, kind and more accepting or others and of situations.

  • Have better health and wellbeing.

  • Notice dramatic positive shifts in their life.

  • Choose to leave a more positive energetic imprint in the world.

Book a Session now. Clearing any blocks or distortions in your field will give you the opportunity to take back control of your life.

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