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Synergy Healing: Life a Life You Love

❤️ Align with your Life Path & Purpose

❤️ Have more Fun, Happiness, Love & Enjoyment of Life

❤️ Feel and Express your Creativity

❤️ Heighten your Awareness & Strengthen your Intuition

❤️ Have a Renewed Zest for Life

❤️ Achieve your Goals, Dreams & Aspirations

❤️ Ignite Your Fire Inside

❤️ Focus Your Intention

❤️ Live a Life You Love

❤️ Love the Life You Live

The treatment consciously sculpts your energy vibration and gives you a deeper connection with the Universe. It can help you to manifest the things in life that you want, by raising your vibration and programming it to create an amazing life that you’ll love!

How is this possible?!

Everything that exists in our universe has its own unique frequency, energetic pattern or vibration...from the tiniest atoms, light, rainbows and stardust, through to denser matter such as rocks, metals and man-made objects.

From a Scientific perspective, atoms oscillate at their own unique set point and draw that which is like itself into a central orbit. We therefore live in ‘an ocean of motion’ where everything sticks together with things that match the same frequency because ‘like attracts like’.

The same theory applies to thoughts and feelings. When you feel happy, you transmit that frequency out into the world just like an antenna broadcasting a radio station of positivity and happiness. Subsequently due to the ‘Law of Vibration’, more happy feelings and positive circumstances are drawn into vibrational harmony with this frequency.

Your transmission informs the energy in the field surrounding you to bounce back more situations and experiences that mirror the frequency that you are sending out, which ensures that your reality will also match this experience!

Ultimately, you create your own vibrational set point, send that frequency out into the ether and whatever your dominant energetic patterns are, are then drawn to you in the form of circumstances, people, experiences and opportunities that are in alignment with this vibration.

By sending out a positive vibration, it has a snowball effect where the positive energies compound each other, and things feel increasingly positive...and life starts to flow more harmoniously. Your life can becomes a sequence of meaningful coincidences and synchronicities and positive shifts and amazing life transformations can take place.

Book a session now to optimise your energy and raise your vibration, so that you can start to Life a Live You Love.

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