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Clients Receive Unexpected Windfalls!

It's always thrilling when clients get tangible results after having treatments at Silver Birch Therapies. Two clients have recently been in touch to share their excitement and delight after unexpectedly receiving large sums of money following Distant Healing Treatments!

Client A was stunned to receive a cheque for just over ยฃ2000 in the post this morning. She hadn't been in touch with the credit card company or a PPI firm so this letter and enclosed money came as a complete surprise! She is incredibly happy that she is now able her to plan her perfect family holiday to Australia.

Client B was struggling to obtain a mortgage because of a recent change in her work situation. She was severely stressed due to the constant stream of threatening letters from her bank, and she was terrified that she was going to lose her home. She couldn't see a way out of the situation and this was causing her serious anxiety and panic attacks.

After just one Distant Healing treatment, she contacted me to tell me that completely out of the blue, a family member had offered to pay off her entire mortgage! She was absolutely flabbogasted to receive such a kind offer to give her this substantial amount of money. It will totally transform her life, and her health has improved too; she hasn't suffered from a single panic attack since the session!

Clearing Money Blocks

At Silver Birch Therapies, I can eliminate your money blocks, and transform your relationship with money by clearing out any distortions in your field that are negatively projecting out into your life. The treatment can clear subconscious patterns and beliefs, and remove ancestral issues that may be causing financial difficulties or may affecting your ability to receive and keep money. These factors can trap you in a cycle where you keep re-living negative money patterns, and may be showing your internal issues that need addressing by outwardly reflecting them in your life as money problems. By clearing negative blocks you can have sudden, dramatic changes in your financial my clients have discovered!

Please read my Blog How Money Blocks Can Impact Your Life which explains how blocks in your mind, body and energy field can affect your financial situation.

If you think that there may be something stopping you from getting the financial abundance that you deserve please contact me now for a Free Consultation or to book a Distant Healing or a 1:1 Session

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