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Beat Anxiety & Depression: A Real Life Changer

If you've been feeling anxious and depressed lately, and that your life is running out of your control - hearing Anna's transformational story could offer you both comfort and a way forward. Earlier this year, Anna came to me for a 1:1 Healing Treatment in my therapy studio. She was presenting with severe life-long anxiety and debilitating depression, and was immensely unhappy at work. She also had poor health and often missed days off work as a result. She had been in the same job for 15 years and felt frustrated, unfulfilled and undervalued. She also felt trapped; being a single mum, she believed that she needed ‘that’ job to provide for her family. After her initial treatment Anna noticed positive results but due to time and distance constraints she couldn’t fit another appointment in to see me in person. At this point I suggested Distant Healing for future treatments. After each treatment she noticed that she felt lighter, safer and happier, and that her life was improving in other ways. Her intuition was heightened, and she felt much less tired and more emotionally balanced than before. She subsequently handed in her notice at work and was offered a more rewarding job working only 2 day’s a week for the same money! Her life is flowing more smoothly, and she is so much happier with her life balance, and able to spend more time with her family and doing the things she loves. Here is her testimonial...

"I have had several treatments with Rebecca and have felt the benefits from the very first one. Each treatment has added to the improvements I have experienced in my emotional and physical health, my resilience and sense of balance and wellbeing. I am less unsettled by life's ups and downs and better able to bounce back from setbacks. I have finally been able to move on from a job that I had stayed in far too long and that was dragging me down. I have a renewed zest for life and energy levels I haven't had for years. I’m finding it easier to relax - it feels like the treatment has released a lot of areas of muscle tension I've had for as long as I can remember and has spring cleaned my brain so my thinking feels clearer! I only met Rebecca face to face for one of the treatments, all the rest have been at a considerable distance. I would have been sceptical about distance treatment if I hadn't experienced it for myself. I have felt the same sense of realignment and renewal following the distance treatments as I did face to face. Rebecca is a gifted therapist and I consider myself very fortunate to be one of her clients. I am very excited about my future and to see what will happen next!"

Silver Birch Therapies

I completely understand how nerve-wracking it can be to try a new therapist or treatment. That’s why it is always reassuring to hear positive stories and feedback from clients who have experienced noticeable life changes since seeing their therapist.

If you’d like to discuss your issues in more detail, please contact me. I offer a FREE Consultation Service and will design a treatment package to meet your individual needs.

Rebecca Matthews Tel: 07921632753

* Name has been changed for confidentiality and to protect my client's identity.

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