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Perfect Time for a Fresh Start

Now September is upon us, it’s the perfect time of year to draw a line in the sand and allow yourself to make a fresh start!

It’s the end of the summer holiday season, and we’ve all been conditioned through our childhood to associate new beginnings with the school cycle. You’re hopefully feeling sun-kissed, refreshed and renewed, and this makes it a brilliant time to reassess what you want in your life and for your future.

September marks the beginning of a new season, and a fresh start can inspire you to begin it without the baggage that’s been dragging you down. It can also set the tone for a positive, balanced new chapter in your life.

What do you need to let go of or change to make the most of your life?

Take stock of your life and determine what needs to change or shift to help you make progress towards the things you want.

  • Improved health and wellbeing

  • New or improved relationships

  • More love, happiness or balance in your life

  • A more rewarding job or career

  • To be in better alignment with your life purpose

  • Improved family relationships

  • More money

  • Increased energy and motivation

  • To lose weight

Working together we can help shift the blocks that are preventing you from achieving your best potential - and this will to help you attract the right people and circumstances into your life.

If you’ve long had the feeling that your ‘perfect life’ has been put on hold, take this opportunity to examine why, and make it your intention to positively embrace the September Fresh Start.

Take the first step now and book a block of treatments at Silver Birch Therapies. I can help you to transform your life, and this will enable you to work towards achieving all your hopes and dreams.

Take advantage of the Fresh Start Package – 3 Treatments for only £99.

Contact Rebecca now for a free consultation on

Mob: 07921632753

Email: info@silverbirchtherapies

Watch with excitement how your life can transform!

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