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Healing & Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns and Programming

Everything is connected. You are a link in a chain of causation that stretches before and after your life for generations.

🌳 Do you have certain tendencies, memories, beliefs or traits held within your lineage?

🌳 Does your family have negative patterns that keep repeating generation after generation?

🌳 Is there a debilitating belief or emotion that you share with other members of your family?

🌳 Are these preventing you from being happy or achieving the life you want?

🌳 Is your family trapped in a cycle of poverty and struggle?

🌳 Does destructive behaviour such as abuse or addiction run through your family?

🌳 Are negative relationships or financial issues common in your family?

The reason why can lie in your Family Tree!

Your family's past has a powerful influence on your present. There is enormous evidence from the scientific community to show that your ancestors contribute considerably to your own health and wellbeing, and to that of your future generations too. Your life is on a certain trajectory because of the choices made by the generations who came before you, and studies show that your actions and choices can affect seven generations before and after you. Go to The News Room to read the article Scientists Observe Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations.

Your bloodline holds the legacy of your DNA. Psychologists (most famously Carl Jung) have theorised that you're born with the memories and experiences of your ancestors imprinted on your DNA. In addition to the physical features and personality traits that you inherit, your ancestors‘ ‘history’ is also written into every cell of your body as genetic memory.

You can therefore carry in your body programmed into your genetic makeup the traumas and hardships from past generations. Your ancestors might have been involved in disasters, famine, wars and financial ruin, and you may hold this intense struggle and survival energy. You can also inherit physical vulnerabilities, weaknesses and poor health.

In addition negative energies and emotional patterns that were ignored or left unresolved, supressed feelings, conditioning, memories, damaging beliefs, attitudes and judgments by your ancestors can also remain in your energetic field. And you can pass these on to future generations.

Your genetic makeup can therefore call the shots about your health, your direction, and your deepest beliefs about yourself.

Many family energy patterns can lead to a cycle of negative behaviour and can have a disruptive influence on your family life. They can create energetic imprints that block your chance of happiness and success, and leave you feeling stuck. The energy of old family wounds can even influence how you think and behave. They can also develop into physical and emotional symptoms that you can't seem to shift or resolve and can lead to relationship and money issues.

Ancestral Healing allows you to clear and heal your unwanted family patterns or programming such as anxiety, abuse, betrayal, anger, heartache, depression, grief, loneliness, low self esteem, struggle and money limitations. It can shift unresolved energies, and heal and transform old wounds for your entire lineage. It can remove negative conditioning and inherited limiting beliefs, and release pain that has held preceding generations captive for centuries. It can break the chain of addiction, violence, abuse or poverty consciousness and can also have enormous benefits for your whole family for generations to come. The ripple effect of a conscious choice now can allow you to create a new family legacy. You have the power to make the change! Book a treatment now at Silver Birch Therapies based in Backwell, Bristol.

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