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How Money Blocks and Your Perception of Money can Impact Your Life

💰Do you want to eliminate your money blocks and increase your financial abundance?

💰Are you experiencing a lack of money or struggling financially?

💰Have you suffered from debt or bankruptcy?

💰Have people betrayed you or taken advantage of you over money?

💰Have people stolen your money?

💰Is your source of money unreliable?

💰What are your thoughts and feelings about money?

If you are experiencing financial lack in your life, and your needs are not being met - these external symptoms may be a result of financial blocks that you carry both in your body and in your field. Whether these are limiting beliefs, ancestral issues related to money which have been passed down to you, or karmic imprints...they can all be affecting your ability to receive and keep money. They can trap you in a cycle where you keep re-living negative money patterns, and may be demonstrating your internal issues that need addressing.

There are so many different types of internal issues that can be reflected outwardly in your life as money problems. If you have low self-esteem, you may subconsciously believe that ‘you don’t deserve it’. This in turn shows up in your life where you don’t have enough money to get many of the things you want or need.

If you have an imprint for not being supported by life, its possible that you will experience the universe withdrawing support, so money unexpectedly disappears and in turn your bank account balance goes down.

If you have an imprint for not being able to care for yourself or others close to you, not being able to control critical aspects of your life, it could easily show up in your life as not having enough money.

If you have a betrayal imprint, this can show up as business partners slandering you and stealing your money, or it could be shown as other people in your life harming you in a way that makes it difficult for you to achieve career and financial success.

If you have an imprint where bad things happen just when things are going well, then you may fear earning more than a certain amount of money. You may be doing fairly well financially but develop an upper limit problem; you might unknowingly self-sabotage to keep yourself below some un-named limit because at some level you know that if you get to the really good things, disaster is around the corner.

There are any number of imprints that can show up as insufficient funds in your life – an imprint for being trapped, an imprint for being unseen, an imprint for being taken advantage of, an imprint for not finding your proper place in the world…and the list goes on.

Your DNA may also carry the answer to your money woes. You carry generations worth of emotional baggage in your genetic coding and negative energy from your ancestors who have lived through times of poverty can be handed down to you.

At Silver Birch Therapies, I can transform your relationship with money, and clear out any distortions in your field that are negatively projecting out into your life. I can clear subconscious patterns and beliefs, ancestral issues and karmic imprints that may be affecting you. I can also help you strengthen your link with money, so you see it as a friend or ally, and this can lead to positive shifts in your life.

One of the key steps to removing financial blocks is to re-conceptualise your understanding of money, and to change its bad reputation. Many people have unconscious negative judgements and perceptions about money, some that may have been passed down to them unknowingly, or have been picked up from the media, from parents or teachers. Money can be demonised and thought to be the root of all evil. People may even have a limiting belief - to avoid money because they don’t want to fall prey to its corruptive influence.

However, it’s not actually power and money that corrupts, it just reveals who a person truly is inside. If they have wounds that haven’t been healed, then these can be highlighted and amplified when they are in possession of money!

If you are coming from a place of wholeness and good intention, then money can be harnessed and used in service to you and everyone else. Money is a form of love energy, and a way to get validation, approval and recognition for your contribution to others or the collective. It is actually one of the most important instruments for positive change and environmental protection and restoration on the planet today. Money is also a social agreement that crosses religions, languages, races and cultures and is actually the height of civilization. The level of cooperation on the planet today as a result of money is incredible.

Money also provides a vehicle for you to express your will in a social reality, and it gives you more choice and influence. By having more money you can improve the quality of your life and that of others too. You can focus your work and life energy on identifying and achieving your life’s purpose. You can have the funds to expand your knowledge by attending courses and getting training. You can spend quality time doing the things you love with the people you love. You can travel the world. You can take greater care of your body, and invest more time and money in your overall wellbeing. Financial abundance can support self-actualisation, and can also support fuller expression of your heart and soul.

To clear your money blocks, please contact Rebecca to arrange an appointment.

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