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Intentions & Manifestations

Intentions & Manifestations

Today one of my clients asked my advice about how to get something she desperately wants in life..and wondered whether setting an intention is enough to make it happen. This is a great question, so I’d like to share my thoughts on the subject. In my experience, setting intentions won’t always work because karmic imprints are stronger and more powerful than your conscious mind. Intentions are also limited by your mental construct, your imagination and your belief systems. The best possible picture for your life is limited by past experiences, cultural programming and subconscious patterns and beliefs, so your best imagined outcome may not even be as good as things could possibly be. Or your best possible life may be so dramatically different from your life today that it’s impossible for you to imagine! Also your intentions may not serve you anyway, because you might be setting your sights on something that isn’t of service to you. And your intentions may not be in the highest interest of others. You have to take into account all the chain of events that have to happen for your manifestation to take place, and how this will impact everyone involved. Another thing to consider is where is that impulse to manifest coming from? Is it your heart and soul’s truest desire or are you just hoping to mend a wounded part of yourself? A part where you feel lack and therefore a part of you that needs healing. By concentrating on yourself and clearing the imprints and distortions in your field, I believe that you’re more likely to get the best possible outcome that’s in service to you and everyone else. You may not know how your life is going to turn out, or how all these parts are going to fall into place...but by doing internal clearing, you have the best possible opportunity for your manifestations to work out for your’s and everyone else’s highest good. And these are often far better than your mind could have comprehended! To read about karmic imprints please see my previous Blog ‘Become the Director of the Movie of your Life’ Book an appointment now with Rebecca at Mob: 07921632753