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Rebecca Matthews


Bristol, BS48 


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Become the Director of the Movie of Your Life

October 10, 2017


Your life is like a movie. Imagine going to the cinema, and on the big screen you can see all the elements of your life literally playing out in front of you. But is the movie you are watching showing your life playing out exactly as you want it to? Do you have complete happiness in all areas of your life? Are you fulfilled in your relationships, with your career, in the contribution you are making to the world? Do you have financial abundance and perfect health? Are all these positive things showing up in your reality?


Or do you feel trapped in the wrong movie? Are you noticing that certain patterns in your life keep repeating… like there’s a glitch in the movie and you can see the same thing happening over and over again…yet you have no control over it, and no matter what you do nothing seems to change! Do you know the life that you want to lead, but you’re just not experiencing it yet? Do you wish the script could be rewritten?


This is where my treatments at Silver Birch Therapies can benefit you! The events and issues you are experiencing in your life may be being caused by blocks or distortions in your field, in one or more of the layers that I describe below. I am able to work on all the relevant layers that are affecting your life, to clear out your physical, mental, emotional or karmic blocks and distortions.


Clearing these layers can help improve the quality of your life, so you can work towards projecting your ideal life into your reality. You can become the Director of your own movie.

The Movie Projector Layers


So now you are back in your comfy seat in the cinema, I want you to imagine seeing the light shining out of the movie projector, passing through the film and out across the room until it projects onto the screen, where you can watch the movie.


As the light shines out from the projector, it travels through various layers; the Karmic Layer (film), the Energetic Layer, the Subconscious Layer and the Conscious Layer. And it is these layers that can have an enormous impact on what is happening in your movie, and therefore what is being projected into your reality! Everyone in your life, how they behave, all your circumstances, all the events, literally every little detail of your life is all being affected by these layers. Any blocks or distortions in this field can affect how the image is projected on the screen.


By clearing these layers, the light can be projected directly through them and onto the screen without any distortions. This enables you to shine the light into your reality giving the chance of the best possible outcome for you. And all the layers are interconnected, so any clearing that is done at any layer will also affect the other layers.


1) The Conscious Layer

Your conscious mind can be a powerful tool. By determining what you want in your life, using visualisation, intention and positive thoughts you can focus on what you want to attract. This is known as the ‘Law of Attraction’ where you ‘Ask-Believe-Receive’ to get what you want.


However there are limitations here because your conscious mind only accounts for 5% of your brain. The conscious layer is the superficial layer and therefore the weakest, so sometimes no matter hard you try, the things you want may still not materialise if the other layers underneath are in play and creating distortions in your field. The lower layers actually have a much greater impact on what is being projected onto your movie screen than this top layer.


2) Subconscious Patterns and Beliefs

Below the conscious layer is the subconscious layer. Everything you’ve ever seen, felt and experienced during this lifetime, and all the memories of your previous existences are housed in your subconscious. It is the most powerful part of your mind making up the remaining 95% of the brain, and therefore it has immense control over your behaviour, and also has the ability to distort your field.


Perceptions and core beliefs are formed at this subconscious level, and become ingrained during early childhood from teachers, parents, siblings, friends, the media, your culture and religious and collective beliefs. Seeds are planted, which can manifest over time and grow into limiting beliefs that can have a huge impact on your daily life and can be counterproductive to your health and peace of mind. Even genetic or family traits passed down through ways of thinking can eventually affect the body and manifest that weakness in a particular organ or susceptibility to a certain illness.


Limiting beliefs can prompt you to put yourself down, give you a victim mentality, create self-sabotaging behaviour and allow you to replay old memories - and subsequently cause you discomfort and pain. Your memories, conditioning from childhood, personal interpretations of life events, and opinions about those who have impacted your life can strengthen these limiting beliefs, and can prevent you from living your ideal life.


3) Energetic System

The next layer down is the Energy layer. Energy is the foundation of being well, so if the flow becomes compromised or blocked this can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Residue from physical and emotional traumas can be stored in your body long after the event, and even after you believe they have healed. This is often held in the energetic layer and over time can manifest as illness or disease. Releasing energy blocks and dissolving any unwanted patterns and ignored or suppressed emotions from the body’s energetic layer can leave you feeling invigorated, confident and empowered to ignite your passion to be your true self. If this layer isn’t cleared it can lead to physical, mental and emotional challenges in your life.


4) The Karmic Layer

This is the most subtle layer, however it has the strongest impact on your life, because it is at the root; it’s the most deep seated layer. These karmic imprints colour your beliefs and shape your attitudes. They determine your thoughts and feelings, which in turn determine your choices and decisions.

Using the movie projector analogy, imagine that this layer is the film reel covered in images that are projecting into form and playing out your circumstances. When the images are clear, projected out onto the screen are the beautiful moments in your life, where you feel you are living in true alignment with your purpose and life has synchronicity.


However, there are sometimes distortions on this film, known as karmic imprints. These can attract negative situations, events and people that will keep showing up in your life, until you dissolve the distortion and change these images on this film.


Karmic imprints that relate to your physical health will show up in your life with symptoms of physical disease. By clearing these, they will no longer project into your body, and you can improve your health and vitality. If you experience situations where you are betrayed over and over in your life you may well have a ‘betrayal’ karmic imprint. By dissolving this, the theme of betrayal will no longer project into your reality. You may have an imprint of ‘scarcity’, and even if you try and visualise an abundant life using your conscious mind, it will not manifest if this distortion is present at the karmic level.


By clearing these karmic imprints at the root layer, you can allow the best possible picture to shine through and project out into your life. Removing karmic imprints will adjust the karmic layer and automatically reorganise the layers above it, so the light can project out far more clearly. Deleting karmic distortions can lead to dramatic, rapid and largescale transformations in your life, and can help you to live in alignment with your true expression and therefore improve the quality of your life.


By taking charge of your life, and clearing your field of any blocks or distortions with my help, you have the opportunity to become the Director of your life and make your perfect movie.



Contact Rebecca on info@silverbirchtherapies to book your appointment or visit for more information.

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