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The Benefits of Living from your Heart

Benefits of Living from your Heart

Your Heart

Your heart is the seat of the soul, the source of love and creativity and romance. It is also considered your second brain and even has it’s own cellular memory. The heart has the strongest electromagnetic field in your body; 100 times more powerful than your brain electronically and 1000 times more powerful than it magnetically!

Studies have shown that when a person thinks about another in their heart, then the brainwaves of that other person actually change, and their heart rates synchronise – there is communication between them. Our thoughts and emotions affect the heart’s electromagnetic field, and this in turn affects those in our environment.

Your Mind

Everyone in life wants to make good decisions and keep moving forward. Living with indecision – decision paralysis - just keeps you stuck. Your mind is useful for problem solving, but it can also give you an internal dialogue that is totally unhelpful, and can prevent you from growing and experiencing the things you're supposed to in life.

Often the words going round in your head are nasty, critical, judgmental, rude, delusional and based on no truth whatsoever! These thoughts can make you feel insecure and fearful and can even make you blame someone else for how you are feeling. It’s what you have learned from your childhood conditioning and learned responses to challenges and adversities. Your habitual patterns of how you respond, interpret, react and perceive the world in relationship to your viewpoint of who you are.

Learning to Live in your Heart not your Mind.

When you clear your mind of the chatter, of the things you could or should have done, of expectations, or fear, then you can listen to your heart and this will tell you the true answer and the best decision for you. You can create life’s opportunities. Releasing yourself from your mind and living in your heart space is beautiful, exhilarating and freeing. You develop an inner knowing and feel light, free, expansive and alive. You don’t question why you are doing something, but you feel drawn to do it. You can listen to your feelings and understanding what they are telling you. It feels just right and aligned to who you really are. When you take the time to acknowledge and feel your feelings, you learn to make better decisions that are for your highest good.

What could be stopping you from doing this?

93% of people have a heart wall. When you are heartbroken, it’s like your heart is under a physical assault, so the heart builds an invisible energy wall to protect itself. This shell makes your heart impenetrable, like it has been shrink-wrapped, and this wall carries your emotional baggage from that event - resulting in anxiety, fear, low self esteem and a lack of belonging.

The heart can’t vibrate the way it should, and it gets stuck in the energy of shame, trauma and victimhood, inferiority, jealousy, possessiveness, and guilt. It prevents you from following your real inner guidance, and keeps you on the hamster wheel of repeating patterns, living in fear, and leading a diminished life!

What can I do to help?

Releasing this heart wall can lead to huge shifts in your life! You can be free to fall in love, meet your soul mate, have more meaningful relationships, feel love, and send and radiate love. It can open your heart to bring in happiness, amplify your creativity and abundance, allow your ideas to flow, and give you better direction in life.

Removing these trapped emotions can give you a better coherence between your brain and your heart, enabling you to feel more aligned and to lead the life you are meant to lead. When you learn to listen to your heart you can move mountains.

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