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Clearing Limiting Beliefs, Trapped Emotions and Other Blocks

To be able to live a life of happiness and ultimate potential, it is so important to free yourself from anything that is keeping you stuck or may be causing repeating patterns of behaviour.

At Silver Birch Therapies I can help identify any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and I help release trapped emotions from your mind, body and energy field. In turn, this enables you to move forward in your life, and often promotes better physical and emotional health. Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Trapped Emotions Everything you’ve ever seen, felt and experienced are housed in your subconscious. Energy can become trapped in your body from these events and is held in your cellular memory, and it can also be passed down through your ancestral lines in your DNA. It can have a significant impact on your life if this energy is not cleared. At Silver Birch Therapies I offer a range of different ways of releasing these energies. Please contact me for more information.

Ancestral/Genetic Clearing Recent studies have shown that you carry up 14 generations worth of emotional baggage in your genetic coding within your DNA. Please read the article 'Scientists Observe Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations' in the News Room.

Your ancestors may have lived through difficult times witnessing wars, depression, poverty, abuse, addiction, violence, illness, and subsequently negative energies from traumas during their lifetime such as abandonment and betrayal can be handed down to you. You may be unaware how these family karmic patterns can affect your life today, and can lead to:

• Depression and feeling alone • Low self esteem • Abandonment issues with no factual basis • Chronic pain that doesn’t respond to traditional treatment • Feeling something is wrong but you can’t pinpoint why • Anxiety • Feeling lost in the world.

Book an appointment now to break your ancestral karmic patterns.

Synergy Healing Treatment

The residue from physical traumas can still be are held within your body, long after you think they have healed. The Synergy Healing Treatment can shift this energy and also flushes out fears, suppressed emotional issues and energetic debris from the body's cellular memory, leading to better physical and emotional health. Synergy Healing is a holistic treatment for physical, mental and emotional wellness and positive life transformation.

Book an appointment now to create a life that you love.

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