Dramatically Improve Your Health & Wellness

Reveal, Heal & Transform Your Blocks & Limitations

Enrich Your Relationships, Career, LoveFamily Life

Elevate Your Energy

Create Abundance, Prosperity, Fulfilment & Freedom

Bring Balance & Align to Your Life Purpose

Supercharge Your Personal Development & Spiritual Journey

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Enhance all areas of your Life, Health, Wellbeing, Relationships, Finances & Career. Develop Personal Growth, Deepen your Spiritual Connection and Dramatically Increase Fulfilment, Freedom, Impact & Influence.

With Professional Accredited Therapist - Rebecca Matthews:


Hypnotherapist, Advanced Regression Specialist, Energy Healing Practitioner & Transformation Facilitator

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Whatever experience or challenge you are going through, be reassured that Silver Birch Therapies can help.


I specialise in delivering online, phone and remote sessions to clients' worldwide which are designed to support you to improve a diverse range of mental, physical and emotional health issues, whilst creating abundance, empowerment, fulfilment, freedom and prosperity. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and include:

I have worked and trained with many of the world's most influential teachers and healers and use a powerful range of therapies, tools, techniques and modalities to focus on your specific issues and individual needs.


Sessions aim to resolve, heal or transform any negative experiences, issues, symptoms, pain, blocks and limitations at the deepest levels. They pinpoint the underlying causes of whatever is keeping you stuck, preventing you from enjoying your most fulfilling life, or stopping you from achieving the changes in your life that you desire.


Sessions empower you to bring all elements of your life back into balance so and can be the springboard to get your life back on track. They can increase awareness and alignment and bring about fast, lasting tangible breakthroughs and profound change.


Clients regularly experience dramatic personal shifts and positive life changes, happier relationships and feel more balanced and aligned in all areas of their life and work. 

To identify the most significant block that is preventing you from living your most fulfilling life, book a Discovery Session

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I consistently have amazing results from my clients and am always excited to hear how their lives have improved following sessions! I have been awarded 2020 and 2021 Therapist Winner and been given a Certificate of Excellence.

"The most amazing and transformational healing I have ever experienced. It's like a weight has been lifted and I now have more energy. I haven't felt this good in years!" 


"What a wonderful experience. I immediately felt uplifted, positive and optimistic. I now feel carefree - like everything is aligned and perfect. I have a sense of happiness and also feel younger, both physically and mentally"


"I'd highly recommend Rebecca, I can honestly say my life just keeps improving and the sessions have helped me so much!" 


"The intense pain I'd had for over 30 years went from a level 9/10 to a 1/10 after just one session"

"I was offered an amazing new job just 2 days after my session"

"I had a promotion and pay rise at work within days of the session"

"The Session's really powerful. I now feel safer and my worries have completely disappeared"

"I have a renewed zest for life and energy levels that I haven't had for years"

"I am much more energetic, positive, content and confident"

"I have more resilience now and better emotional and physical health"

I feel calmer, more optimistic and I'm finding it much easier to relax"



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Silver Birch Therapies


Tel: +447921632753

Silver Birch Therapies offers a natural holistic approach to healing, by clearing your blocks and shifting your life back into alignment.


Contact Rebecca now to arrange a Discovery Call or to discuss your situation in more detail. An appropriate therapy package will be specifically designed and tailored to your individual needs. 

For more information about Silver Birch Therapies and the services offered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.