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Regression Sessions

What's Your Story

During Regression Sessions we explore the origin of your issue, wherever in time that occurred! 


If you have a specific area of your life that you’re not achieving the results that you want or feel stuck in a rut with your regards your situation with money, relationships, career or your health, then finding and healing the root cause can have by really beneficial.  


Regression For This Lifetime

I am trained in Age Regression where we explore the root cause of your issue within this lifetime. I can help guide you back in time recover memories and explore events from your childhood, or experiences in the womb. We can explore repeating patterns, perceptions and beliefs that may have been formed on a subconscious level as a result of past experiences. Regression therapy can therefore help release blockages, aid the healing process and encourage you to move forward in your life.

Past Life Regression

Discover Your Past to Unlock Your Future!


Are you

  • Curious about your other possible lifetimes or whether you've had a previous existence

  • Interested in a specific period in history

  • Experiencing strong connections to a particular person or place and feel like you've met before

Do you have

  • Recurring dreams

  • Uncontrollable, irrational or debilitating phobias or fears

  • Unexplained or recurring physical pain or sensations

  • Unresolved health issues?

  • Persistent feelings or panic, fear, anger, guilt or depression

  • Frequent emotional outbursts or emotional numbness

  • Repeating relationship problems with family, co-workers and friends

These can be signs that you have unresolved pain from the past, and can lead to patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck and disconnected. It’s important to understand that these limiting patterns are not your fault, but serve as a protective measure to keep you from experiencing more pain.


Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique that allows you to access and re-experience your past lives. These past life memories are the autobiography of your soul. They show you personal stories that explain who you are and why, and offer a path for personal growth and healing. By exploring your past in a safe way, you can uncover valuable details about yourself that can transform the way you see yourself, the world and your life. This new level of understanding and the insights gained during this process can offer you an insight to your behaviours and patterns. It can be a particularly effective healing method if you have tried many ways to resolve an issue but with no success. 


Past Life Regression is an incredibly effective, safe and affordable way to help you go back in time and release limiting thoughts, fears, behaviours and long-term patterns without using any medication. It has the potential to help you to heal emotionally, physically and mentally. Whilst in a deeply relaxed state, we are able to tap into the subconscious and bring trapped memories to your conscious awareness. During this therapeutic process you recall events from a previous lifetime, and use the information learned to effect change and enhance your life today. 


Past Life Regression is a wonderful opportunity to unlock memories, gain deeper insights by exploring the origin of your issue. You can identify repeating patterns of behaviour, experience rapid healing, understand your challenges, motivations and desires, and clarify relationship dynamics. Past Life Regression is a fantastic way to clear blocks to financial abundance, your life purpose, and understand and heal unresolved traumas. It also can strengthen your spiritual connection.


I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), an accredited body which is recognised by the British Medical Association, and am trained in Hypnotherapy, Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and In-Between Lives Regression. 

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