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Are you prone to repeating the same destructive patterns?

Do these harmful themes or vicious cycles keep showing up in your life?


⛔️ Crippling fear (of change, abandonment, failure or illness)

⛔️ Constant harmful issues or dynamics with family members, friends or colleagues

⛔️ The same 'type' of undesirable person, event, challenges or outcome

⛔️ Choosing partners who have the same negative qualities (unavailable, abusive or unsuitable)

⛔️ An inability to get your finances in order, keep losing money or running up debt

⛔️ Feel stuck at work, seem unable to get a pay rise or promotion

⛔️ Addictions, recoveries or relapses

⛔️ Procrastination, disorganisation, inability to start or complete projects 

⛔️ Destructive or attention-seeking behaviour 

⛔️ Regularly sabotaging jobs, friendships, relationships or opportunities

⛔️ Emotional eating, fluctuating weight or constant unsuccessful dieting

⛔️ Unresolved pain


The session incorporates a powerful customised healing that works on multiple levels to bring your mind and body back into balance & improve your mental, physical and emotional wellness. 


Sessions can support you to...


💫 Increase awareness 

💫 Recognise, address and transform toxic patterns

💫 Increase vitality & energy levels

💫 Develop more confidence & clarity

💫 Heighten intuition

💫 Improve life balance 

💫 Deepen connection

💫 Feel more resilient & less triggered by situations

💫 Develop healthier boundaries

💫 Take more inspired, aligned action

💫 Improve health & wellbeing

💫 Find a more rewarding job or career

💫 Build loving & supportive relationships

💫 Transform fear into possibilities

💫 Courageously embrace your future


Transform Your Sabotaging Patterns

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