I offer highly effective Online, Phone and Remote Sessions for children and teenagers with a range of phyical, mental and emotional issues:

* Low Self Esteem
* Lack of Confidence 
* Anxiety / Panic Attacks
* Depression
* Insecurity 
* Feeling Overwhelmed
* Eating Disorders 
* Self Harm
* Period Pains
* Skin Problems
* Relationship Issues
* Stress
* Exam Worries
* Poor Body Image
* Mood Swings
* Anger Issues
* Bullying 
* Lack of Motivation 
* Frustration 
* Exhaustion
* Poor or Disturbed Sleep
* Loneliness
* Isolation
* Negativity
* Feelings of Despair 
* Phobias
* Fears
* Pain


I hold a DBS certificate (safe to work with children) and am fully endorsed and insured by the relevant professional bodies.


Here are some recent testimonials from young clients:


“I feel so happy and awake, like I haven’t done in a long time! My relationship feels better and I’m just so comfortable with everyone. I’m so grateful - Rebecca’s made me so happy!” Age 17 


“Rebecca has helped me with so much with my confidence, anxiety, stress and period pains. She’s allowed me to feel calm and happy about all aspects in my life and I am so grateful for her treatments. She’s so kind and warm with me and has helped me get through tough and challenging stages recently including the pressure of exams and interviews. Thank you 😊” Age 18


“I’ve felt more confident at school and with my friendships. I’m much happier now and less negative. The pain in my back has completely got better, and my acne has gone away!” Age 14


“Her asthma has improved dramatically and she has been much more sociable and confident since the treatment.” Father of girl, age 9


“I now feel so upbeat and amazing! During the treatment I felt waves of relaxation coming over me and my breathing eased up. I’ve been sleeping so much better. Thank you!” Age 18

Teen Package (3 x Sessions for Children / Teenagers)