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Rejection can be extremely painful and can leave devastating effects.


This event addresses the theme of rejection. The session incorporates a powerful customised healing that can offer you healing at the deepest levels. It aims to bring your mind and body back into balance & improve your mental, physical and emotional wellness and can empower you if: 

💚 You have been through a romantic break-up or divorce

💚 Your love was not reciprocated

💚 Your partner cheated on you

💚 Your partner or parents withheld love and affection

💚 You have been ghosted

💚 You experienced abuse, bullying or neglect

💚 Your beliefs, feelings, ideas, opinions or points of view were dismissed, disapproved of, invalidated or undervalued

💚 You were criticised, told you're not good enough or called derogatory names

💚 You don't feel fully supported by family, friends, your partner or at work

💚 You experienced parental rejection

💚 You have been excluded from social events

💚 You were unfavourably compared to your siblings or friends

💚 You didn't get the job or position you applied for

💚 You were overlooked on the promotion at work

💚 You didn't get into the college or university you hoped to

💚You were not chosen for the team / production / role

💚You were told you don't fit in


Sessions can support you to...


💫 Heal heartbreak

💫 Increase awareness 

💫 Recognise, address and transform toxic patterns

💫 Increase vitality & energy levels

💫 Develop more confidence & clarity

💫 Heighten intuition

💫 Improve life balance 

💫 Deepen connection

💫 Feel more resilient & less triggered by situations

💫 Develop healthier boundaries

💫 Take more inspired, aligned action

💫 Improve health & wellbeing

💫 Find a more rewarding job or career

💫 Build loving & supportive relationships

💫 Transform fear into possibilities

💫 Courageously embrace your future

Heal the Pain of Rejection

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