Your family's past has a powerful influence on your present. The genetic memory of family traumas from past generations, and negative energies from your ancestors' life experiences, their physical vulnerabilities, weaknesses and poor health, their conditioning, their memories and their beliefs can remain in your body and energic field. This can cause you to become stuck in a cycle of negative behaviour, block your chance of happiness and abundance and even influence how you think and behave. It can also develop into physical and emotional symptoms that you can't seem to shift or resolve and can lead to relationship and money issues.


This treatment allows you to clear and heal your unwanted family patterns or programming such as anxiety, abuse, betrayal, anger, heartache, depression, grief, lonliness, struggle and money limitations. It can shift unresolved energies, and heal and transform old wounds for your entire lineage. It can remove negative conditioning and inherited limiting beliefs, and release pain that has held preceding generations captive for centuries. It can break the chain of addiction, violence, abuse or poverty consciousness and will also have enormous benefits for your whole family for generations to come allowing you to create a new family legacy.

Ancestral Healing Package (3 x Sessions)