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Soulful Session - Online Live Event

Wednesday 4th January 2023, 7pm UK, 8pm Europe, 11am PT, 2pm ET

This event explores the rise of Divine Feminine Energy on the planet as we shift into the new paradigm and experience a raise in consciousness. 


In this live session we'll be delving into the qualities of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, and also discussing how distorted, wounded or imbalanced macsuline and feminine energy can negatively impact your life.


The session incorporates a powerful customised healing which works at the deepest levels to bring your mind and body back into balance & improve your mental, physical and emotional wellness.


The session offers an activation to awaken your Divine Feminine energy and includes a transmission of high frequency energy to optiminally balance and harmonise these aspects within you.


Divine Feminine Energy is present within all of us, so everyone is welcome.


This session can empower and support you to...


💚 Awaken your Divine Feminine essence

💚 Reclaim your power

💚 Know your worth

💚 Ignite creativity

💚 Move into flow

💚 Improve confidence

💚 Trust your intuition

💚 Make heart-based decisions

💚 Set healthy boundaries

💚 Heighten your connection 

💚 Enhance your relationships

💚 Improve communication

💚 Develop deeper intimacy

💚 Catalyse your spiritual awakening

💚 Cultivate peace and ease

Activate & Awaken Your Divine Feminine Magic

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