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Online & Phone Sessions

 I offer customised sessions for your specific set of concerns and issues and that are specially targeted to meet your needs. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personalised plan to help improve your health and wellbeing and transform your life.

Wellbeing Sessions

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For Balance

These powerful sessions are available to client's worldwide and take place via Zoom or Phone. They can help to build inner resilience and relieve fear and stress.

Sessions can enable you to enter a calm and relaxed frame of mind and aim to improve health and wellbeing.

  • Feel more emotionally balanced

  • Have a more positive outlook

  • Feel much more optimistic and safer

  • Have a deeper sense of calm

  • Have greater resilience and clearer thinking

  • Find it easier to relax and feel less stressed

  • Have improved and more restful sleep

  • Be able to focus on solutions rather than concerns

  • Feel energised and renewed

  • Develop happier and healthier relationships

This unique session combines a diverse range of therapeutic techniques. This new form of healing addresses and heals issues at the deepest levels to bring your mind and body back into balance and improve your mental, physical and emotional wellness.


Sessions enable you to protect and recharge your energy levels quickly and effectively. They can help you to build inner resilience, relieve fear, help you to manage any health anxiety, and allow you to overcome worries about isolation and social distancing. It can alleviate feelings of uncertainty and overwhelm.

Synergy Healing

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High Energy Healing

Synergy Healing is an incredibly versatile way to address mental, physical, emotional and life issues. Whether you are looking for better health and wellness, or if you are experiencing something in your personal life that feels out of balance - perhaps a relationship, work-related or financial issue - then it offers an effective, long-term solution to help you.


Sessions can help improve any aspect of your life - your personal growth; your relationships with family, partners, work associates and friends; your spirituality; your home environment; your career; your finances and your health and wellbeing.

These dedicated sessions can create lasting positive results. Synergy Healing clears negativity from your mind, body and energy field, and infuses you with high frequency energy. It balances the mind, body and soul to enhance mental, physical and emotional wellness, by shifting blocks, emotional and psychological issues, and physical pain that are preventing you from reaching your true potential.


Powerful high frequency healing energy is channelled into the body to displace lower vibration energies. It is therefore effective at lifting, shifting, transforming and healing limiting beliefs, negative patterns of behaviour, suppressed emotions, unhelpful conditioning, negative experiences, stress, physical ailments and injuries. 


Synergy Healing can bring you clarity, enhance your awareness, calm emotions and clear the mind. Sessions can support you to relax and, strengthen and retune your system so that you feel more balanced and in alignment.

Ancestral Healing

Great Grandparents.jpg

Heal your past to unlock your future

These sessions address patterns in your family tree that are causing blocks and holding you or your family members back. They release negative and unresolved energies that are held in your energy field or that have been passed down to you from previous generations. They can clear repeating patterns of behaviour, negative memories, conditioning and inherited limiting beliefs, and this in turn can benefit your whole family.


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Solutions are just a thought away...

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic intervention to treat clients with a range of psychological and physical conditions, helping overcome issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, weight loss/gain, post-traumatic stress disorder, drug, alcohol and smoking addiction and chronic pain.

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