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Metatronic Healing Sessions

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Metatronic Healing is a powerful healing modality. During this online session, high frequencies work gently but deeply to dissolve energy blocks and any places of emotional, spiritual or physical discomfort that have been caused by tension, drama, difficulties, trauma, accidents, illnesses or injuries. 


During your facilitation there are over 75 different healing frequencies available, each with individual properties, including the vibration of crystals and precious gems like diamonds and rubies, and metals like gold and silver.

Metatronic Healing flushes out dense fears, emotional issues, conditioning and energetic debris which hold your ‘stories’ within the cells of your body and energy system, and help to retune these contracted areas to their more natural and creative state.


This makes space for you to experience deep healing. By directing a flow of healing energy towards these places of constriction, the restriction is unwound and released, restoring natural balance to your system.



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