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Rebecca Matthews: Therapist & Healer

About Me

Welcome to Silver Birch Therapies. I am a Professional Accredited Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Practitioner whose mission is to enable my clients to Live A Life They Love!


I am based in Bristol, UK and specialise in empowering clients worldwide to change, improve and transform their lives, so that they are able to experience happiness, fulfilment and freedom.


My remote, online and phone sessions are tailored to clients' individual needs and we focus on whatever is blocking them or holding them back from living their best life.

I am proud to have worked and trained with many of the most prolific teachers and leaders in the healing industry, and combine all my extensive knowledge, skills and experience into these unique sessions.

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Everyone experiences ups and downs in life, but sometimes when challenges arise, you may need some extra help to get things back on track. You can be safe in the knowledge that at Silver Birch Therapies, I offer a unique service to help you bring about powerful positive life transformations and lasting profound change!


Whether you are looking for better health and wellness, or if you are experiencing something in your personal life that feels out of balance - perhaps a relationship, work-related or financial issue - then I offer effective, long-term solutions to help you.


Sessions can help improve any aspect of your life - your personal growth; your relationships with family, partners, work associates and friends; your spirituality; your home environment; your career; your finances and your health and wellbeing.


I have helped numerous clients worldwide to feel more empowered, and to gain back control of their life - and to feel mentally and physically well.


Sessions have helped my clients to:

  • Be free of pain and heal ailments, injuries and illnesses

  • Rediscover their true, authentic self and feel happier and more confident as a result

  • Transform family dynamics

  • Clear blocks to love and move on to find suitable partners

  • Be free of toxic relationships

  • Break patterns of anxiety and depression that have previously held them back from living the life they want

  • Remove self sabotage, self doubt and fear so they can connect with their life purpose

  • Have the courage, confidence and consciousness to do the work they love

  • Deepen their connection with their own inner guidance and intuitive abilities

  • Clear dramas, traumas, emotional wounds and old hurts

I offer a Confidential Discovery Call and then tailor sessions to match your individual needs. I address all elements in your life, because when one area of life is out of balance, this has a domino effect on all other areas. My aim is to get your life back in balance and so you can start enjoying life to the full and living to your best potential. 

By investing in yourself you are making a powerful choice to move forward and make changes.

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About Silver Birch Therapies

I established Silver Birch Therapies to offer a dedicated service to adults, teenagers and children in need of support. I specialise as an Energy Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regression Specialist. I have facilitated numerous sessions to clients worldwide with a diverse range of issues and also deliver group sessions.

I use a unique holistic synergistic approach to help you address any physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or life issue, or anything that is keeping you stuck and stopping you from fulfilling your dreams. Treatments also encourage personal growth and deepen spiritual connection.

Sessions are available to everyone, no matter of background or age, and are able to clear past experiences and blocks, locate and eliminate imbalances and improve mental, physical and emotional wellness. They enable clients to achieve better relationships, health, career, finances and family life and create more abundance and love, and to find happiness in life. 

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My Journey & Passions

I have always been highly intuitive and empathic, and am fascinated by the world around me; both the people and the environment. I have a keen interest in health and wellness, and a deep passion to help others. I am constantly striving to find ways to help improve other's lives - and I also enjoy living my own life to the full! I love spending time with family and friends and adore travel, adventure, art, music, outdoor pursuits and being in nature.

I actually come from a Science background and qualified with a BSc Honours Degree in Geographical Information Systems, then worked for several years in the Corporate Sector as a Project Manager, Consultant and Analyst. However, this didn't fuel my soul and I didn't feel it was fulfilling my dream to directly help people, so I retrained as a Holistic Therapist.


Whilst at University I worked as a Nursing Assistant in a Psychiatric Hospital, and was always fascinated by the mind/body connection and the huge impact that it has on health and wellbeing. I was also intrigued by Science’s ability to open up a deeper understanding of the Universe and was keen to bridge the gap between Spirituality and Science and bring these elements into my sessions. I believe that the two disciplines are actually deeply complementary and compatible - and by uniting them, it can help can shift a person's consciousness and unlock their innate capacity to heal their mind, body and spirit and also access their intuitive inner guidance system.

I have trained extensively in numerous disciplines including Hypnotherapy, Regression and Energy Healing. In 2017 I set up my own practice, so that I could focus on providing sessions to bring about dramatic positive changes in people's lives. I combine all my skills, experience and knowledge to locate energy blocks in the body and energy field, and go to the root cause/origin of these and clear them. I am able to assess your energetic health, I can see, know and feel information within you - in the physical realm, the emotional field, the energetic body - and also external influences that are affecting you.

I am able to identify and clear dysfunctional patterns, traumas, negative beliefs and imprinting, so that you can raise your vibrational frequency and attract the things that are in alignment with you with greater ease. Sessions bring information into your awareness that will help support you.

My aim is to empower you and help you move forward to live a life that you love! 

Rebecca Matthews, Therapist

My Therapy Qualifications

I am fully insured, endorsed by the relevant professional bodies to practice. I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), an accredited body which is recognised by the British Medical Association and a member of the GHSC (Accreditation Board for General Hypnotherapy Council).


I have an Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy Diploma and am trained in Age Regression, Future Life Progression and Life Between Lives Therapy. 


I am trained as a Reiki Master, and and am qualified as a Metatronic Healing Practitioner.

I was awarded a Certificate of Excellence with a 5 Star Rating from Bark.


I also hold a DBS Certificate and am therefore able to work with children under the age of 18. 

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