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Energetic Detox

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If you’re feeling confused, chaotic, cluttered and lethargic or are suffering from headaches, an overactive mind, sleepless nights, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression or anxiety this could be a sign that you’re in desperate need of an Energetic Detox.

In the same way it’s important to cultivate healthy self-care habits, such as taking a daily shower and brushing your teeth - it’s also beneficial to practice good energy hygiene. This ensures vital life force energy is able to flow effectively around your system and helps you support and maintain better health and wellness.

An Energetic Detox is a fast effective way to supercharge your system and raise your vibration. Sessions cleanse your energy system of the energies of unwanted thought forms, negative self-talk and unprocessed or unresolved emotions. They transform imbalances, clear interferences, transmute and release energy blockages, strengthen energetic boundaries and can leave you feeling rejuvenated, revived and renewed.


These online or remote sessions can help to improve mental clarity and creativity, enable you to create a healthier and happier life, build more harmonious relationships and experience better alignment.

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