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Until recently it was believed that a person’s inherited genes give a permanent and unchangeable blueprint for the makeup for their whole life. 


However, a developing scientific field called Epigenetics has shown that a person’s life experiences, thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, emotions, stress levels, diet, traumas, medications, illnesses, toxins, exercise regime, sun exposure, work & social environment and relationships can all affect and alter their genetic expression. Therefore how you live and what happens to you can change how your genes affect you! 


It has also been proven in countless scientific studies that these modified genes can also be passed down through generations. Your ancestor’s baggage is literally imprinted in your DNA, written into every cell of your body as genetic memory, and contributes considerably to your own health and wellbeing. Your genetic makeup can also determine that of your future generations’ too. 


Bruce Lipton at the forefront of Epigetics research believes we are not victims of our genes; we are masters of our genetics. We are free to change how we respond to the world, so as we change the way we see the world, we change our genetic expression. 


“A person’s health isn’t a reflexion of genes, but how their environment is influencing them. Genes are the direct cause of less than 1% of diseases: 99% is how we respond to the world.”

Ancestral/Genetic Clearing
Recent studies have shown that you carry up 14 generations worth of emotional baggage in your genetic coding within your DNA. Please read the article 'Scientists Observe Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations' in the News Room. 


Your ancestors may have lived through difficult times witnessing wars, depression, poverty, abuse, addiction, violence, illness, and subsequently negative energies from traumas during their lifetime such as abandonment and betrayal can be handed down to you. You may be unaware how these family karmic patterns can affect your life today, and can lead to:

• Depression and feeling alone
• Low self esteem
• Abandonment issues with no factual basis
• Chronic pain that doesn’t respond to traditional treatment
• Feeling something is wrong but you can’t pinpoint why
• Anxiety 
• Feeling lost in the world.

Book an appointment now to break your ancestral karmic patterns. 

Silver Birch Therapies offers Ancestral Healing, Healing Treatments and Hypnotherapy for positive life transformation.

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