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“Rebecca helped my son cope with serious anxiety after an arm break unveiled a serious heart condition. Though from afar, he listened to her recordings every evening as a way to think positively when his world seemed to be caving in around him - her voice gave him a path. I'll definitely use her again! ”

“I was feeling stuck in may career, but couldn't understand why. It was identified that I had a fear of success which I would never have imagined! We explored the origin of this and it made total sense! Since the treatment I have had so much more clarity in all areas of my life and I feel so much happier and freer. I'm excited about work again."

“I wanted to lose weight and quickly lost 7kg. Lovely, professional yet relaxed ”

“I felt very comfortable with Rebecca , and knew I was always in safe hands throughout every treatment. Through hypnotherapy I have discovered things about my life that are amazing! The experiences have given me huge insights into my life, and I know they will have a positive effect on my future life!”

“Rebecca is an excellent therapist... You are in great hands with such a gentle soul...”

Hypnotherapy & Regression

What My Clients Say

I pride myself on my ability to deliver positive results, and many of my clients have noticed significant positive life shifts and noticeable benefits from the treatments. Please take a look at some client testimonials.

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