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Clear Blocks for Better Manifestation


How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

XL✨ Are you achieving what you want in life? ✨


You hold the key! You can have better relationships, achieve new career goals, find improved health & wellbeing and obtain more happiness! 


Here are some simple steps to help you to turn your dreams into reality:


⭐️ Clarity 


Firstly you need to be totally clear about exactly what it is that you DO want! Setting intentions won’t always work because karmic imprints are stronger and more powerful than your conscious mind. Intentions are also limited by your mental construct, your imagination and your belief systems. The best possible picture for your life is limited by past experiences, cultural programming and subconscious patterns and beliefs, so your best imagined outcome may not even be as good as things could possibly be. Or your best possible life may be so dramatically different from your life today that it’s impossible for you to imagine!Also your intentions may not serve you anyway, because you might be setting your sights on something that isn’t of service to you. And your intentions may not be in the highest interest of others. You have to take into account all the chain of events that have to happen for your manifestation to take place, and how this will impact everyone involved.

⭐️ Clear Blocks / Distortions

Now identify and release everything that is preventing you from believing and knowing that you are worthy of getting what you desire. 

Another thing to consider is where is that impulse to manifest coming from? Is it your heart and soul’s truest desire or are you just hoping to mend a wounded part of yourself? A part where you feel lack and therefore a part of you that needs healing. By concentrating on yourself and clearing the imprints and distortions in your field, you’re more likely to get the best possible outcome that’s in service to you and everyone else. You may not know how your life is going to turn out, or how all these parts are going to fall into place...but by doing internal clearing, you have the best possible opportunity for your manifestations to work out for your’s and everyone else’s highest good. And these are often far better than your mind could have comprehended!

You can get in the way of your own success with your negative belief systems, anxiety, anger or frustrations about the past and your negative projections of the future. These can prevent miracles from occurring naturally, so clear the negative blocks that are holding you back, and raise your vibration so that you can start attracting what you want.

⭐️ Release


Once you have made that a commitment to start the internal work, be willing to allow guidance to come forward, whilst remaining active, aware and engaged in the process. 


Trust that the Universe will point you in the right direction to find the people, resources and circumstances that you need to help with your healing journey.



⭐️ Believe


Believe in yourself and know that you are ready to receive what you want. Have faith that the Universe has your back and allow yourself to co-create with it. Don’t let your outside world dictate your internal condition. Be aware that your internal condition will support your external experiences! 


⭐️ Patience 


Have patience and stay relaxed whilst allowing things to happen naturally. If you have conviction in your desired outcome, then you can afford to wait without feeling stressed and anxious! 


Don’t try to control and manipulate the result - this resistance and fear can block the natural order and positive flow of energy towards you.


When you play an active role in the process, synchronicity and effortless flow can happen, and you may even attract something beyond your wildest dreams! ✨


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