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Health Issues

Why do we have health issues?

The mind and body are incredible structures with infinite potential that are sadly often treated as separate entities. They are however intrinsically connected, therefore what happens to one effects the other, whether it is in a positive or damaging way. It's important to recognise this link between them, so that we can heal the mind and body so that you can overcome ailments holistically. It's important to address the root cause of the issue, not just the symptom for long lasting positive results. 


Many times this is our body trying to communicate with us - give us a big wake up call, give us signals - to get us to listen - can play itself out masterfully in the physical body to get your attention! Sometimes we are not able to feel or process things that happen in our daily lives effectively, and the cumulative effect of this can contribute to health issues. 

Somewhere in your own body and awareness you will get info, guidance or energy that shifts something for you. 

Congestion in throat area can be linked to sadness, lungs is connected to grief.

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