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Raise Consciousness

Higher consciousness is the spiritual or energetic awareness that transcends the mind's normal preoccupation with the past and the future, and gives you greater awareness of your existence, and of the spiritual or energetic nature in all things. As you raise your consciousness you awaken to your true nature and realise that we are all connected.


It is you that creates your reality and your own universe. You see what you perceive to be reality, but what you perceive is seen through the unconscious lens of your past conditioning and is completely different to every other human. For every person, there is a different reality and truth!


When you embrace and embody the concepts of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, unconditional love, patience, kindness, truthfulness and humility you will reach a higher level of consciousness. You have to master your thoughts, emotions and your mind, until you see reality not through the lens of your conditioning. You can raise your energetic vibration by using the right thoughts, words and actions, and in turn you will then attract high-vibrating energies.

Treatments also raise your consciousness:

Release Trapped Emotions

Residue from physical or emotional traumas can remain stuck in the body long after the event. This can leave you feeling stuck in life, can lead to repeating life patterns or can manifest in a physical way or cause an illness. It's essential to release these trapped emotions to promote better physical and emotional health. 

Let Go of Fear

Don't worry about things that you can not change, let go of your thoughts about past events (they cannot be altered) and don't ruin the present moment by worrying about the future. Trust in your yourself and your path. Feel in your heart what is right and let go of fear. By living a life without fear your consciousness will expand with greater energy.

Follow your Dreams

Treatments clear blocks so that you can follow your dreams, reach for your goals, and live the life you want! They encourage you to consciously think about every decision you make, and make sure it's in true alignment with your heart. When you actively seek happiness and find things that give you real pleasure and contentment, this will leave you feeling truly fulfilled.

Listen to your Inner Voice

Treatments encourage you to use your inner guidance and intuition.

Once you are back in balance it is easier to do other things that also will raise your consciousness.

Be Grateful

Appreciate the good things that you have in your life. Don't waste energy worrying about things you don't have. Instead focus on what you have in the present that are positive, whether its good health, friends, family, your home, work or even food! The vibrational frequency of gratitude is in harmony with success & abundance. When you feel truly grateful for what’s already in your life, you become a powerful beacon for everything that’s harmonious with the wavelength you are attuned to. Gratitude really is ‘abundance consciousness'. 


Gratitude helps you stop trying to control outcomes. It is the key that unlocks positive energy in your life, and opens you up to the source of all things. By being grateful in the present moment, the spiritual dimension of life will open up, so you have access to the power, wisdom and creativity of the universe.


Practice gratitude regularly and notice how quickly new things start to show up that you can be grateful for. Shift your energy to gratitude and become a magnet for financial prosperity, career & business opportunities and more positively-charged people in your life.


Find Peace

Fighting or arguing has a detrimental effect of your level of consciousness. Actively remove sources of conflict in your life and avoid negative activities. 

Be Aware of your Emotions

Be aware of your emotions, but don't let them rule you. By accepting them, this will allow you to disperse them rather than fight against them.


Learn from your Mistakes

Don't criticise yourself or others for mistakes, instead use them as a tool to help you grow. Think what improvements could be made to prevent similar mistakes from reoccurring and encourage thoughts that allow positive solutions to be found.


Lead a Healthly Lifestyle

Eat healthily and try and avoid chemicals and processed foods where possible as they act as an internal conscious block. Exercise raises the endorphin levels in your brain, improves your circulation and makes you feel more empowered. Yoga helps calm the mind and increase your consciousness.



This allows you to access your higher consciousness and inner awareness. Meditation also has many health benefits and is free and easy to do! Use positive affirmations to improve your focus and change deep-seated negative beliefs.


Spend time in Nature

Being outside make you feel more peaceful and calmer, which will in turn elevates your levels of consciousness and awareness.


Be Creative

Creativity raises your consciousness, so explore your creative side and express creative ideas such as painting, singing, dancing or writing.


Mix with People with Similar Thoughts and Beliefs as You

Share your ideas, thoughts and experiences with people similar to you. This is enable you to discuss your understanding, and also can help you pick up useful information. 


Be Open Minded

Approach life with an open mind and be tolerant of diverse beliefs, opinions and activities. Treat yourself and others with respect. 


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