Increase Positivity

Do you Believe in Luck?

When good things happen is this down to luck or are other factors at play?  

You are the architect of your own life and have the ability to attract success and live the life of your dreams. Luck is merely a bi-product of an amazing positive attitude, and untangling yourself from all forms of negativity. 

Your outside world is a reflection of who you are on the inside. Whatever reality you are experiencing in the physical world is simply a manifestation on what is happening on the inside at an energetic level. Science has proven that your energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs actually imprint on the outside energy and call it into manifestation. 

If you believe that success is only down to luck, this suggests that you are at the mercy of circumstances, situations and conditions that are beyond your control. By believing that you governed by external elements, this creates a victim mentality and means you are and operating on the vibration of struggle. 

By looking at the world through a positive lens, and clearing away negativity, this can raise your vibration and shift your frequency to attract more of what you want and need. An inner knowing that you are fully supported by the Universe creates a more expansive mindset, and encourages take inspired action that puts you in harmony with that level of support. 

When committed to a life that you love living, and by being in harmony with your path and purpose, new opportunities can start to open up for you. When you notice these synchronicites showing up in your life, and appreciate them, then this opens the door to more abundance. 

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