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Worldwide Remote, Online & Phone Sessions to Combat Pain

How can pain affect you?

Pain is there to get your attention! It is often your body communicating with you that something isn't right and needs healing. Often physical pain is a manifestation of an emotional issue. Pain can be debilitating an literally affect all areas of your life.

Can Sessions help with Pain?

At Silver Birch Therapies, sessions do the deep work needed to clear, heal and transform your pain issues. They go to the root cause of your pain, so that your body can balance itself and heal so that you can take your life back and enjoy better health. Sessions often locate then quickly and easily release pain.

Benefits of Remote, Online & Phone Sessions

Clients have commented that sessions have lowered or totally healed their pain :​

  • Reduce Pain significantly or completely!

  • Have better health and wellbeing

  • Feel much happier and far more positive

  • Ability to be more active and do more!

  • Notice dramatic positive shifts in their life

  • Feel more in control of their life

Case Study


Client X sought treatment because he was had had constant toothache and subsequent headache for a 2 week period, and it was getting him down. During Consultation he rated the pain intensity at a level 7 on a scale of 0-10 (where 0 was non-existent and 10 was unbearable) and he was taking back-to-back painkillers but they were proving completely ineffective. He was unable to eat properly, sleep, concentrate or focus at work, and was feeling miserable! 

After Sessions

The Session was Remote - my client was unable to attend me in person due to living 150 miles from Bristol, but was happy to try a Remote Healing Session even though he had not tried any holistic therapies or healing in the past. 


We had a phone consultation where the issue was discussed in more detail and then he was able to continue his day as normal whilst I did the treatment. He commented that within 1 hour of our chat that the pain had completely disappeared.

"The pain has completely gone! Whatever you did worked!"

When I checked 2 days later how Client X was responding, he said that the only symptom he had since the session was a mild ache in his head that lasted a few minutes (reaching a level 2 on the scale) but the rest of the time he had been completely well and the pain at a level 0! Following the treatment the pain never returned. 

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