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After suffering a serious back injury in 2009 following a car accident, I was told that I would have to live with permanent Chronic Pain, and would be severely debilitated for the rest of my life. This was the fourth time that I had fractured bones in my back and in 2011 I even spent 3 weeks in a rehabilitation facility in Bath learning strategies on how to cope with the intense and persistent pain that was severely restricting my lifestyle and ability to sleep.


I was not willing to accept the life-changing diagnosis given by the medical profession, and was inspired to see what else was possible to help me regain my health and wellbeing.


I explored every avenue of holistic health and complimentary medicine and trained in numerous therapies and Healing disciplines.


Using Synergy Healing I am now able to live an active life and enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing and mountain biking and am able to take part in all actives with my children.

I have facilitated numerous Online, Phone and Remote Sessions for clients with a range of injuries and have had reports of injuries healing very rapidly and pain completely disappearing after sessions, which has completely baffled doctors!

Benefits of Remote, Online & Phone Sessions

After sessions, clients are often more able to:​

  • Significantly lower their pain levels

  • Benefit from restorative and rejuvenating sleep

  • Be less emotionally reactive, and less triggered by events or people

  • Feel more empowered, calm, patient, kind and more accepting or others and of situations

  • Have more self-love and an increased sense of worthiness

  • Have a heightened awareness

  • Learn to respond differently to situations that arise

  • Lose their attachment to past memories and future desires

  • Lose their victim mentality

  • Be more willing to take responsibility for their own life and the choices they make 

  • Stop blaming others for the way they feel

  • Choose to respond differently to personal life challenges

  • Identify their emotions rather than hiding or running away from them

  • Operate from a place of love, compassion and connection

  • Have better health and wellbeing

  • Notice dramatic positive shifts in their life

  • Take back control of their life

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