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Clear Negativity

Treatments help to detox, cleanse, release, purify and restore your mind, body and soul, by allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Sessions clear:


  • Negative Energy that you may have picked up from hospitals, airports, graveyards, schools, prisons, doctors/dental surgeries, historical sites and pubs

  • Limiting Beliefs (these can leave you feeling awkward or judged, with low self-esteem, a lack of self worth and not feeling good enough)

  • Unwanted Repeating Patterns 

  • Painful Past Memories, Shock and Trauma

  • Ignored/Suppressed Emotions

  • Negative Conditioning

  • Old Thought Forms, Bad Habits or Unhappy Experiences

  • Stress

  • Physical Ailments

  • Chronic Illness

  • Injuries

  • Genetic or Family Illnesses or Traits

  • Inherited Family/Ancestral or Society Beliefs (perhaps around relationships, money, health, beauty, abundance)

  • Implants


Whether you are being held back by fear, self doubt, insecurity, grief, anger, resentment, regret or by false beliefs or family/ancestral dramas…these negative energies are taking up space in your mind, body and field and lowering your energy levels and vibration.


Sessions can detox your body of these old stories and emotional baggage, so that you can feel lighter, brighter and ready for new challenges. Old energies that are stored in your body may be draining you, so releasing these can leave you feeling invigorated, confident and empowered to ignite your passion and be your true self. You'll be able to a positive, strong foundation to invite in new possibilities, and you’ll be free to focus on your goals and aspirations.

All these things keep your body in a low energy state, compromise or block the energy flow and can have a negative impact on your health, leading to a weakness in a particular organ or susceptibility to a certain illness. All energy that has a lower frequency such as fear, stress or depression can leave you feeling disempowered. Limiting beliefs can prompt you to sell yourself short, give you a victim mentality, create self-sabotaging behaviour and allow you to replay old memories causing discomfort and pain. You have countless stories, memories and conditioning from childhood, personal interpretations of life events, and opinions on those who have impacted your life. And you may feel weighed down by carrying these emotional burdens. 


Sessions dissolves any unwanted patterns and dramas from the body energetically and I clear these blocks at a cellular level. It restores the natural balance of your system to promote better physical, mental and emotional health.

Book an appointment to de-clutter your life so you can then channel your new vibrant energy into something incredible. Act courageously, believe in your passions, pursue them, and make a commitment to live your journey and move forward in life. 

Benefits of Remote, Online & Phone Sessions

After sessions, clients are often more able to:​

  • Be less emotionally reactive, and less triggered by events or people

  • Feel more empowered, calm, patient, kind and more accepting or others and of situations

  • Have more self-love and an increased sense of worthiness

  • Have a heightened awareness

  • Learn to respond differently to situations that arise

  • Lose their attachment to past memories and future desires

  • Lose their victim mentality

  • Be more willing to take responsibility for their own life and the choices they make 

  • Stop blaming others for the way they feel

  • Choose to respond differently to personal life challenges

  • Identify their emotions rather than hiding or running away from them

  • Operate from a place of love, compassion and connection

  • Have better health and wellbeing

  • Notice dramatic positive shifts in their life

  • Take back control of their life

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