At Silver Birch Therapies I aim to create harmony and wellbeing in each of my clients. I believe in healing and nurturing the mind, body, and soul. My blog highlights the connection between these factors and how they all dramatically shape your life. I hope you enjoy reading the Blogs and the articles that are linked to them can be found in The News Room.

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Yesterday I went rock climbing and abseiling at Avon Gorge, which was a fun and exhilarating experience. However, at one point I’d climbed most the way up the rock face, when I reached a particularly challenging part. It was incredibly high, there was a huge overhanging rock above my head, and I couldn’t see anything to hold onto on the smooth freezing rock face. I literally couldn’t see a way forward. Suddenly my body was gripped with fear - I couldn’t move! My mind was racing and every worse case scenario ran through my head. I couldn’t think what to do next - I just wanted to get down! …But then I realised that it was all in my mind. My negative beliefs about what could go wrong that were

The Power of Consciousness

The primary aim of my treatment is to remove client blocks, no matter how they may be showing up in your life. I find your core issues, blocks, patterns, programmes and traumas - then remove these issues to facilitate life changes and inner healing. I remove negative subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, repeating cycles of behaviour and ancestral issues that are keeping you stuck and having a negative impact on your life. Clearing blocks from the mind, body and field has many benefits, but one highlight is that it raises your vibration and your level of consciousness, and this in turn empowers you to lead the life you deserve. You can start to attract the most approp

How Trapped Emotions can Impact your Life

Are you in need of positive change in your life? Do you have repeating negative patterns of behaviour? Do you have an inability to maintain lasting relationships? Do you feel like you’re weighed down by life? Do you suffer from depression or low self-esteem, or with overwhelming guilt or anger issues? Do you have unresolved illness or physical / emotional pain? Many of these conditions can be the result of trapped emotions in your body or energy field, so by removing the root cause of these, it can eradicate your issues. Emotional baggage or emotions that become trapped and stored in the body can prevent you from experiencing a life full of love, happiness and success. Releasing trapped emot


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