Bring Balance & Transform Your Life!


Improve Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellness

Optimise Your Health, Relationships, Career,

FinancesFamily Life

Create Abundance, Prosperity, Happiness & Love

Align to Your Life Purpose


Whatever experience or challenge you are going through, be reassured that sessions from Silver Birch Therapies can help.

I am passionate about empowering my clients to positively transform their lives and to significantly improve their health and wellbeing.

Sessions work at multiple levels and can help upgrade any aspect of your life - your personal growth, your relationships, your love and family life, your career and your finances. They can also improve a diverse range of mental, physical and emotional health issues. 

I use an integrative, holistic approach to identify and address your current life stressors, to clear past experiences and blocks that can be holding you back, to locate and eliminate imbalances in the body. This enables you to access your full potential and find alignment with your life path and purpose and to improve your life balance.

I integrate a comprehensive range of therapies, tools, techniques and modalities that focus on your specific issues and I create sessions that are specially tailored to meet your individual needs. I empower you to develop beneficial life patterns that can lead to dramatic personal shifts and positive life changes.


Remote sessions are available to clients worldwide via online technology. I have run sessions for clients across the globe who have significantly benefitted in all areas of their lives and as a result have noticed far better health, relationships, finances, careers and overall wellness and say they now feel far happier and more fulfilled.

To find out your most significant block, arrange A Discovery Call

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"The session's really powerful! I feel safer & my worries have gone"

"The intense pain I'd had for over 30 years went from a level 9/10 to a 1/10 after just one Remote Session"

"I was offered an amazing new job just 2 days after my Remote Session"

"I had a promotion and pay rise at work within days of the session"

"I have a renewed zest for life and energy levels I haven't had for years"

"I am much more energetic, positive, content and confident"

"I have more resilience, better emotional and physical health"

"I feel calmer, more optimistic & I'm finding it easier to relax"




Silver Birch Therapies, Bristol, UK


Tel: +447921632753

Silver Birch Therapies offers a natural approach to healing, by clearing your blocks and shifting your life back into alignment. Contact Rebecca now for a FREE Consultation or to discuss your situation in more detail. An appropriate therapy package will be specifically designed and tailored to your needs. 


If you are interest in a personal 1:1 Session at the Therapy Studio, Silver Birch Therapies has a wonderful location, only 10 minutes drive from Bristol, and very close to both Bristol Airport and Nailsea & Backwell train station. Parking is available.


For more information about Silver Birch Therapies and the services offered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Silver Birch Therapies

Rebecca Matthews


Bristol, UK


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